Do You Advocate Driverless Cars?

Do You Advocate Driverless Cars?

Driverless cars are quickly turning into a reality, as, increasingly, auto manufacturers are investing enormous amounts of funds and time into the R&D of autonomous vehicles. The nation that is at the forefront of autonomous vehicles is the UK. In this fiscal budget Chancellor George Osborne publicized a planned £100 million investment into autonomous cars. The driverless cars are undergoing testing process at various locations, and it is only a matter of time to see it turn into a common thing on roads. Let us take a look at both aspects of the topic:


- People can complete other stuff while en-route to wherever they are heading. They are free to do anything like relaxing, reading a book, catching up friends or listening to music. It is all possible with a driverless car.

- In this hectic life, the biggest problem that people face is off time to communicate with near and dear ones, or gets a small nap from busy schedule. This experience can be derived from driverless cars. People can say bye to road rage.

- Most of the car accidents occur due to human errors. With the use of driverless cars, this number can reduce significantly. The autonomous vehicles can communicate with each other to sort out upcoming problems.

- The people who oppose driverless cars argue that accidents will still happen. There is no doubt in it but the probability will be significantly minimized. In fact, Google Prototypes have reported total eleven accidents in last six years.

- Driverless cars will work on advanced technology making it possible for them to identify quickest route and avoid areas of high congestion.

- Driverless cars are about making driving accessible to everyone. They will make an exciting prospect for children, disabled and elderly people.


- Hacking remains a biggest threat to technology and driverless cars are no exception. Elon Mush who is the CEO Tesla said that his company is working on increasing layers of security in order to minimize the risk of hacking. However, fact remains unchanged, nothing is hack-proof.

- Another problem linked to driverless cars is robots ethics. In case something goes wrong, there would be increased confusion to blame whom the software, the manufacturer or the passenger.

- With the use of brain power, humans can still deal with the unseen circumstances, which is ideally not the case with driverless cars. Bad weather can also affect performance of driverless cars.

- The benefit of utilizing time while in car is not as feasible as it obstructs with motion sickness which is not experienced by driver till the time he is driving. However, as soon as the control will go to autonomous vehicle, the problem will appear again.


Driverless cars are happening, whether consumers like it or not. Definitely, there are several huge gains to be reaped, but this thrilling new technology comes with its drawbacks. These problems will take some more years to be sorted out, but as whole, driverless cars poses a huge change to the way people move commute on roads in the future.
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  • RE: Do You Advocate Driverless Cars? -Raja hindustani (05/18/15)
  • Every thing is hackable in current world. first 2 years for autonomous cars will be good but after that this will lead too much dependency on robots. this gives a million dollar opportunity for IT giants. they will hire best hackers to make process harder and on other side give security services which will be cost out from the car owners this will be new threat b/w humans as more cyber will occupy there place.
  • RE: Do You Advocate Driverless Cars? -pankaj (05/17/15)
  • As per my view this is forum of technology where every day innovation take place. if robots are programmed properly what they need to do they they can work efficiently. Now maximum companies runs over the robot power.
  • RE: Do You Advocate Driverless Cars? -Syed Nawaz Uddin (05/16/15)
  • Yes I believe to Advocate Driverless Cars, as this era is of technology. As a matter of fact, every human of this century dreams to be innovative.

    • There are news that people have already tried using this technology and have come up with a valid feedback.
    • Other benefits can be like Self-parking (Like in TARZAN MOVIE (Bollywood), automatic emergency braking (when people are busy talking to people they may lose concentration), adaptive cruise control (warning when driven after the speed limit), lane keeping.
    • It is also estimated that its ability is to make precise calculations at night or day or in any weather and is expected to save at least 1 million people a year worldwide.
    • In young people, collisions are the number one cause of death by “human error.”
    • Also the sick, elderly, blind and disabled can easily be transported with an emergency response system.

    Keeping these point into the consideration, I would like to conclude that we can Advocate Driverless Cars..