Do you know celebrating festivals can change your life?

Eelebrating festivals can change your life

Do you know celebrating festivals can change your life?

Festivals give us backdrop to be truly ourselves. We leave egos and troubles at home and eat, drink, dance together and live in the moment. They are so intoxicating that all good memories keep us fresh for many days even after the fest day.

We can't imagine a life without festivals. While we enjoy our festivals, we learn how to be social, secular and enjoy every bit of life. They often help us with self exploration and personal growth that can be catalyst for many positive changes in life. Many people love festivals for they get a day off from their mundane activities and prefer to give rest to their body and mind at home.

They unite us all in a sea of humanity and are often the reasons for bringing the family and friends together and celebrating the very spirit of mankind. They have a special ability to bring people together in the safest of circumstances.

People don't forget to dress brightly that reflects the excitement and engagement that they have for all festivals. All bright face, glowing eyes and infectious smiles radiate positive energy and diffuse the tensions of life.

Festivals associate us with our culture and thus play a significant role in the cultural development of an individual. Celebrating festivals from diverse religions help us understand culture of others and also promotes communal harmony.

Keeping head off from monotonous work and becoming the part of celebration provide us with healthy rejuvenation and much needed change. My earnest requests to all professionals “Don’t just take a day off but try to learn the message that every festival gives us.” Your deeper thoughts would help you feel professionally secure and calm.

They extend perfect opportunity to catch up with your pals. We step out of home, meet people and chat freely on numerous subjects with relatives, neighbors, known and unknown people. A change and welcoming experience fill us with joy that we don't get with mundane day-to-day activities. A good community can be a great support system year-round.

Eco-friendly festivals We meet many people who are outside of our normal friend circles, exchange experiences and broaden our horizons. Festivals are becoming eco-friendly. People are mindful of wastage and noise pollution. We often find media harp about benefits of using bio-degradable and recyclable materials during festive season. This inculcates good habits and reminds people of their responsibility towards nature.

- Nishant Kumar
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  • RE: Do you know celebrating festivals can change your life? -Group Discussion (08/31/17)
  • It is not exaggerating to say that we live in a country of festivals. We live in a plural society of different linguistic, ethnic, religious, or racial groups and communities. And we enjoy festivals of other community, that's one of the reason for our existence.