Do you support expensive house of Ambani - Antilia?

Do you support expensive house of Ambani - Antilia?

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of reliance Industries, has got one of the most expensive residences in the Mumbai. The new house Antilia is a 27-storey building constructed with an investment of over $1 billion. Perhaps, the 14-storey old house of Ambani was small to accommodate him, his wife, his mother and three children. Do you really support the idea of Ambani going ahead and making a 400,000-square-foot skyscraper home Antilia?


• It is the decision of the owners who have funds whether they want to make such expensive houses or not?

• The expensive house Antilia has given jobs to as many as 600 people, and that is a benefit passing to local people.

• Ambani’s Antilia is one of the finest houses of the world, and it is a matter of pride that Indians have such a master piece in their country.

• In the Forbes list, it holds the top place as the most expensive billionaire home in the entire world.

• The tallest and largest living wall in the world has a seamless vertical garden adding to the greenness of Mumbai.


• The most expensive house Antilia features the disparity existing between the rich and the poor in India in clear shameless ways.

• The house is said to be of more than $1 billion. It is a huge amount that can be used in more constructive purposes.

• It is compared to the World Trade Centre and everyone knows what happened to it. It clearly invites the terrorists to make it a target in India.

• It adds on the government to provide more security to the new house. The owner pays for it, but ultimately the staff is deployed for the security of a home.

• Will the investment in a house that costs more than $1 billion will bring in the same returns for the business tycoon in the coming time?

• Warren Buffett still lives in his home located at Omaha that he bought in 1958 for just $31,500.


Well, everyone cannot be Warren Buffett. Despite of the income, status, people who continue to live within defined means and invest wisely are said to be on the path to real wealth. But again it is the decision of the owner as he has earned the money and has every right to spend it the way it like, then whether it is on a $1 billion house or $31,500 house.
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  • RE: Do you support expensive house of Ambani - Antilia? -KHUSHAL (05/24/17)
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  • RE: Do you support expensive house of Ambani - Antilia? -KHUSHAL (05/24/17)
  • I am very happy to mumbai indian win 2017 ipl final and i am life time support for life time
  • RE: Do you support expensive house of Ambani - Antilia? -Deepa Kaushik (07/07/14)
  • Investing such an amount on self prioritisation without any effective requirement and usage is nothing but a sheer wastage of money. Ambani is a big industrialist and has the capacity and financial strength to spend even more on his personal luxuries, but being a citizen of a country, everyone posses some sort of responsibilities towards our motherland.

    India is not among the developed countries and everyone is aware of the average standard of living of an Indian national. With this standard of lifestyle we have many a things to achieve which could be easily accomplished by industrialists like Ambani. Creating employment opportunities many also yield him a good gain in business and name and fame in the business expansion.

    Rather than utilizing the wealth in a conservative way, using the same for luxury and gaining the name in the top list of lavish spending is in no way a matter for prestige. This is an irresponsible way of living by a citizen who need to be lot more conscious for public interests. Providing employment to the labour class for a small period cannot be an excuse for the irresponsible behaviour by Ambani.