Do You Support Indo-Pak Exclusive Bilateral Series?

Do You Support Indo-Pak Exclusive Bilateral Series?

Cricket tops the list of things that runs in the veins of Pakistan and India and unites the two neighbors. The two nations have fought three wars. Pakistan and India have not played an exclusive bilateral series since 2007 when Pakistan cane India for five one-day and three Tests. Though in 2012-2013, Pakistan returned back to India to play a three-match ODI series, frequent skirmishes and cross-border tension since then have seen the cricketing ties being shattered.


• Apart from brotherhood and peace, people in both the nations look forward to see players combat on the cricket ground. However, despite the passion and longing, cricket has borne the burden of the diplomatic fights between the two countries time and again.

• Cricket is not a sport anymore but a commercial marketing event, and therefore, it should be just treated as the way to raise funds. If India can benefit from series, it should choose to play.

• India and Pakistan played against each other in World cup and the enthusiasm of the people residing in both the countries was remarkable to see. If India and Pakistan can play against each other in World cup then why not in Indo-Pak series?

• Cricket is the way to reduce the existing boundary gap between the two counties and every opportunity that leads to closeness between two nations should be used.

• When there is no prohibition on other industries or sectors like entertainment and music, why should there be a ban on Indo-Pak series?


• Pakistan wants to host the bilateral series in the UAE in December. The choice of location doesn’t justify the case. If PCB wants to conduct the series, it should either do in India or in Pakistan.

• It is necessary to analyze and consider the bilateral relationships at entirety. Just evaluating one aspect would not result in justified decision.

• Just for the sake for money, Board of Control for Cricket in India cannot compromise with National security and interest.

• India should not compromise its diplomatic stance to assist Pakistan Cricket Board fill its coffers. It would be like giving them power to get an edge over India. Cleary then Pakistan would be counting money and India would be counting coffins.

• In any case, the issue of terrorism cannot be ignored. Even India should not consider diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

• Even the other nations are not willing to play with Pakistan at its home ground. The matches are conducted at the neutral venues of UAE.


Indo-Pak series is not important than national interest, and in any case India should not be ready to play the series on Pakistan land. If Pakistan team wants to play it, it should come to India. Moreover, it is dispute between India and Pakistan that forces viewers to get excited about the match, and such a reason attached with a sport is not justified. First of all it is necessary to resolve the underlying issues, and then only this sport will get a real meaning.
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