Do you take life too seriously?

Do you take life too seriously?

Do you take life too seriously?

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
- Elbert Hubbard

Just loosen up your life a bit. Don't take things too seriously. When you think that you are doing something very important, it shows that you consider yourself an important person. You are just a speck of dust in this vast existence. Your life and work are not so significant that your ego makes you believe. Nothing will happen even if you are not here tomorrow. Everything will work wonderfully even without you.

While you can't forget the purpose of life, you shouldn't burden yourself too much.

Laugh a little more and don't get too serious at the adversities life hands you. To succeed in life you need both the backbone and the funny bone.

Bad things happen, but so do the good things. Don't close your doors to opportunities or relationships just because of one bad experience.

Buy expensive gift for yourself when the chips are down and eat the cheapest food at the road side on the occasion of great success. Please don’t allow the moment to own you and instead, you should own the moment.

In the quest of earning utilities of life, we ignore everything else friends, relatives, society etc. Spare some time to spend with them to rejuvenate and revitalize.

Hang out with people without being judgmental. Nobody is perfect; accept your loved ones as they are.

And live your life while you are alive.

- Nishant Kumar
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  • RE: Do you take life too seriously? -Life (08/25/22)
  • Life is precious. We should take it seriously
  • RE: Do you take life too seriously? -Amrutha (07/07/22)
  • In my opinion too much is too bad. Anythings in limits is always good. In life there will be both good times and bad times. We should handle them both by maintaining balance. In life "balance" is important. So yeah, I try to face the situations in life in a balanced way. Not too serious or not too silly.
  • RE: Do you take life too seriously? -pradeep (04/13/21)
  • offcourse i take life seriously. dont you think its precious so dont waste it on things worth it . plan big achieve it but yeah one thing dont overthink on little things . life is full of surprises its good to be surprised . nothing matters more than your own happiness so always try to be happy . but some moments of sorrow will definitely follow your path because thats what life is ... following one another again and again but try to overcome that sorrow and be happy there and dont waste life on misery '
  • RE: Do you take life too seriously? -kamakshi (06/19/20)
  • there is no particular answer for this obviously changes depends on the situation or i would say ,it might depends on the phase u r going through.if you ask me,i took life for granted and lived my life so happily at a particular phase ,childhood and the few yrs before the end of my teenage to be exact.
    if you ask me now, i even take stupid things so seriously and overthink abt it which is really depressing. this too shall pass. its not a big deal whether u take life seriously or not as long as ur decisons not affect your present day.
  • RE: Do you take life too seriously? -Neha (08/27/18)
  • According to me life should not take much seriously, even it is also not bad when someone take life seriously, but everything should be moderated or balanced, while preparing ourselves for career and professional life, we should also enjoy every moment of life, we should give importance to people around us, without criticizing others we should accept our loved ones as they are...because no one is perfect in this world...we should not forget that society is the part of life...hence we should value people a lot...because can we imagine the world around us without human beings? absolutely not..then absolutely people are most important assets that we have today with us...
    we should be happy at every moment of our life without caring about future, because future is uncertain...we never know when we will die, so we should enjoy every moment of our life...without caring what others think about us...because we get life only once...& that is most precise. so love the moment...its not a sin when u enjoy the moment.
  • RE: Do you take life too seriously? -Umme (08/02/18)
  • Awesomely said..!!????
  • RE: Do you take life too seriously? -Srilekha (08/02/18)
  • Live is very short. Don't ever waste your time worrying about whats going to happen tomorrow. Just live and enjoy the present moment. Never degrade yourself. Have confidence and enjoy the work you do. If anything that you wanted to do didnt happen properly never get disheartened,another chance would come. Even Edison didn't achieve for the first time. Life is not about setting professional career and earning its about being happy and making others feel happy with you. Keep smiling!!!
  • RE: Do you take life too seriously? -Do you take life too seriously? (07/25/18)
  • Take your goal seriously, rain or sunshine, keep moving. Critics will try to pull you down through their antics, laugh and move on. Your focus should be unshakable, success and failure is the part of game. Don't get struck hard by them and be on course.
  • RE: Do you take life too seriously? -Life seriously (07/16/18)
  • Both success and failures shouldn't be taken too seriously, life is a journey not a destination. Nothing is permanent here. We should always bank on improvement rather than proving someone. When we go about proving ourselves, we become serious that can become stumbling blocks. We should focus on our actions while accepting failures, weaknesses and critics. Burdening too much cripples your ways and wears you out. Working overtime and going overboard does't get you anything but stress. Work smartly and with fresh mind without comparing with anyone. If at all comparison is so important, then weigh your present performance with that of your past.