Does "Messenger of God" deserve a clearance ?

Does “Messenger of God” deserve a clearance ?


“Messenger of God” is an upcoming movie, directed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Jeetu Arora. The movie would be released in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu. The Central Board of Film Certification did not allow the movie to released. It has been sent to the revising committee. Different Sikh groups protested against the release of the movie and demanded for a ban.

Yes – MSG deserves a clearance.

1. Logical – In India, there are quite a few films made which do not make any sense. Yet, they come up on the big screen. The recent movie PK depicted an alien visiting the earth. When PK can be released, why not MSG? MSG is purely entertainment.

2. Heroism – The hero of the movie is not depicted as a human god. He is portrayed as a human being who fights against evil. The name of the movie itself suggests that he is not a human god. It is all about heroism.

3. Miracles – The movie was denied the release certificate due to the miracles shown. The movie is highly criticized as the hero promotes miracles. Then, why movies like Dhoom 3 or Om Shanti Om were not banned?

4. Deletion of scenes – Instead of denying the release certificate, the board could have asked the director to delete a few of the scenes. The audience are excited to watch this movie on the big screen.

5. Right to express – India is a country where different genres of films come up each month. Every director has the right to put across a movie that would purely entertain the audience.

No – MSG does not deserve a clearance.

1. Impact – The movie should not be given a clearance as it portrays issues like consuming alcohol and drugs. The audience may also include children and it would have a negative impact on the society.

2. Emotional sentiments - A few of the Sikh groups have been demanding a ban on this movie as they believe it targets their community. It hurts the sentiments of a group or community.

3. Human God – The movie is trying to promote the concept of human god. India is a country where a lot of people are worshiped as human gods. This will encourage more number of people to declare themselves as god.

4. Advertisement – As per the Censor board, the movie looks more of an advertisement and encourages conflicts and fights.


Bollywood is one of the largest centers of film productions in the world. It makes a lot of films each year. In the trailer of MSG, one can see a “rockstar baba” trying to be like one from the new generation. If released, it would be widely accepted by the audience as they are waiting to watch the Baba on screen.
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  • RE: Does "Messenger of God" deserve a clearance ? -Vivek (02/04/15)
  • According my view MSG Should be treat a movie because sc has cleared release of its movie
    some times ago we have seen in pk but in this movie was not nothing wrong .
    moviemaker never say follow my suggetions
  • RE: Does "Messenger of God" deserve a clearance ? -Nitesh (01/22/15)
  • MSG is a movie made for entertainment it should not be mix up with religuous and political issues. It sholuld be allowd to relaease and it is up to people whether to watch the movie or not because as guru Ram rqhim have the freedom to express the views same as peole have freedom to watch or not
  • RE: Does "Messenger of God" deserve a clearance ? -Farhana Afreen (01/22/15)
  • Introduction:
    Dera Chief, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh's movie MSG (Messenger of God) has been seeing controversies right from the time when the first tailor was released. What followed was a series of events starting from the refusal to grant permit by the Central broad of film censorship, protests in Punjab and the adjoining areas, interference of government, clearance from the CBFB, resignation of the chairperson Leela Samson and some other members, and finally the banning of the film in Punjab.


    1. We talk of freedom of expression and freedom of press where every individual has the right to promote his interests. The Charlie Hebdo massacre brought forward thousands of supporters that claimed JeSuis Charlie all over the world along with India joining the sentiment of freedom of press and media. Doesn't the same not apply to this movie? Just because it is offensive to a community it should not give people the right to break law and order in the areas. Instead of banning the film in Punjab, the government should have instead taken a stand to oppose protestors threatening to break law and order.

    2. There are claims that the film promotes illogical approaches like a saint curing diseases with magic. However, movies of Bollywood are meant for pure entertainment and there is hardly any logic in most of the superhero movie made here. On logical grounds, 70% of the movies made in India would be banned for promoting illogical concepts based on magic and spirituality. The movie should not have been banned; it should have been left upon the audiences to watch the film and then decide whether it was logical or not.

    3. Errors and mistakes in movies have been pointed out in some of the most epic movies of all times. They were not banned on grounds that they promoted religious gurus and saints. Bollywood has been promoting gangsters and underworld in its movies, as the bad guy or the good ones, they are always shown to be more powerful. There have been similar protests against PK as well but the film was prevented from banning and went ahead to become the most successful film ever made in Bollywood. There is no comparing PK and MSG but the point is that it is curtailing the freedom of expression with bans on movies.

    4. The film is against drug addiction, meant to open eyes of youth against the evils of the society, a hint at how they are disastrous to the lives of youth. Twitter was flooded in support of MSG with messages showing people's positive response towards the movie. Despite being liked by youth and adults, the movie was banned in Punjab and even the censor board had problem giving clearance to the movie.

    5. The film promotes unity in diversity, speaks against prostitution, female foeticide and goes ahead to show a modern day self styles guru. Protesters claimed that the guru calls himself God in the film, which was evidently denied by people who went to watch the movie. The producers of the film were also open for cutting out scenes that the censor board had problem with. In my point of view, the film could have seen daylight even in Punjab and Haryana if these scenes were cut.


    1. The movie promotes superstition. A self styled guru who sings and dances, wears bling, fights the bad guy like a superhero and cures diseases with magic has nothing good to teach people but superstition. We Indians are already the most affected of all with superstitious belief surrounding even the most common and logical event of life. Such movies would only make situation worse, weakening people's attitude towards science and encouraging superstition. Instead of moving ahead with time, we do not want to be held back to the illogical belief that has long ruled our ancestors. We refuse to be fooled by such pricks and the protests was also the freedom of expression of a community angered by spread of nuisance in the name of religious guru.

    2. Religion has created more problem that it has ever solved but we cannot deny our roots deeply attached to them. A community is offended by a movie and we talk of freedom of expression for the other. Along with freedom of expression, the Indian constitution also lays down terms for not disrespecting or offending the sentiments of any community or religion. What about this right of the people?

    3. There is nothing wrong in casting a person as superhero or a religious guru but could society appreciate such hypocrisy out of a person with charges of rapes and molestations? He's a person with huge fan following including top grade ministers and celebrities but does that make him immune from laws and rules? Why did the government have to intervene when the censor board was considering no certification to the movie? How could the procedure that usually take a month before getting clearance get executed within a few days? Political influences make the wrong appear to be right and that's exactly what happened in this case.

    4. Glorification of criminals are being promoted through such movies. Even when there have been eye opening instances recently in India where renown so-called-gurus have been misusing their influences on the superstitious beliefs of the people, yet such films are glorified. It is an attempt to promote a particular person showing himself as the messenger of God.


    MSG is a controversial movie and it will continue to draw both followers as well as protesters. There are reports that claim a sequel of this movie is in the process of making. If it is the rights of the Dera chief to express his views in the movie, it is also the rights of the protesters in Punjab and Haryana to speak against the movie which is offensive of their beliefs and religious sentiments. However, resorting to violence is a wrong move and so is the breaking of law and order to show their protests.
  • RE: Does "Messenger of God" deserve a clearance ? -Deepa Kaushik (01/20/15)
  • “Messenger of God” is just a movie like any other movie. This has to be taken in a light mood for the entertainment purpose. Movies are meant for entertainment and not to be taken personally. Every movie needs some subject and that comes from the practical happenings in life. So is this movie which portrays the supernatural powers to the human being.

    On a conscious side, the author and director could have been a bit responsible and avoided such a subject. We already have a lot many people going into the superstitious beliefs and losing their self-control in their foolish beliefs and behaviours. In this scenario, such movie could just give encouragement to the superstitious beliefs which would lead people of our country nowhere.

    We are all aware of the mind-set of Indians who get influenced very easily by the movies. It would be a very pathetic situation to give encouragement to the issues that we are striving hard to abolish. Still, as a movie, it would be incorrect to completely abandon the movie. If the censor board finds few portions irrelevant or troublesome for the country, it would be better to delete those scenes or get them changed to socially acceptable ones. It would be fair enough to give the movie “messenger of God” another chance of clearance with some acceptable changes.