Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment?

Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment?

Salman Khan, the Superstar is in news once again, for not so good reasons. He has been sentenced to 5-years imprisonment after he was found culpable of killing a man in a 2002 hit-and-run case after a night out drinking. Four other men were injured in the accident. Judge DW Deshpande found Salman Khan guilty for crashing his vehicle while being drunk on homeless men sleeping on the road side and then fleeing the accident scene. The judge stated that Salman was driving car under the influence of alcohol and without a license. The debate is going all over the world as to Should Salman Khan Be Imprisoned?


• It is verified that the alcohol intake was more than the set limit, clearly dumping the tyre burst explanation. Such rash cases cannot be ignored.

• The court even stated that Salman Khan didn’t bother to provide any form of medical aid to injured people. Such an act cannot be termed as being human.

• Just because he is an actor or a much admired star doesn’t gives him privilege to get mercy for his wrong doings from court.

• Salman Khan claimed that Ashok Singh was driving the car. It appears that his way of doing charity is by trapping innocent people.

• As per the report, Salman Khan didn’t even have a legal driving license in 2002.He got a license in 2004.

• Salman Khan ran away from the spot without informing about the accident to police officials. If his driver was on driver’s seat, why didn’t he try to contact police officials and take their help?

• It would send a wrong message to society to start doing charitable acts along with bad deeds so that they can escape their wrong doings.


• It is true that Salman Khan was at fault, but it is also true that he has performed several charity works in last thirteen years, highlighting a significant change in him. If the good deeds outperform bad, a second chance is warranted,

• Still there is a lot more confusion as on who was driving the car. Moreover, Kamal Khan is missing in entire case proceedings.

• Salman Khan would go to jail but what about the producers who have invested their money in Salman’s upcoming films. Over Rs 200 crores are on stake.

• Punishment is not a solution to problem. Instead the court should make him meet the expenses of injured families on monthly basis.


It is not a barter trade going on that kill people and then start doing charity to hide misdeeds. As of now, it seems the case as fans and supporters of Salman Khan ask for mercy. However, they have forgotten that he already received star benefits. If anyone else has been there at place of Salman, he would have been punished thirteen years back. So, instead of cribbing they should be happy that Salman managed to get out of problem at a cost of just five years of his life. Just a little reminder, Compensation and Punishment are two different words!!
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  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -Puja (05/27/15)
  • Yes Salman khan deserve punishment. It is proved that he had intake liquor and was driving car without license . Just because he's doing charity won't relief him from punishment, if that happens every criminal after mistake would search NGO and will donate . Why is he wasting time, if he is such a human why cant he just take the punishment and serve his sentence and then be free this case is pending for 13 years and would remain for more year , Law is for poor people only not for rich people
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -prreti singh (05/24/15)
  • he has done really bad. it can affect thousands of people who follows them.. so there should be a punishment from which he can realise his mistake
    jail is not an option he should built houses for those people or he should regularly meat people and help them out
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -mahiya (05/24/15)
  • ya he should be punished.. because he did a crime which at ny cost cant be ignored. law is equal for all. punishment is necessary for a person doing crime so that he wnt commit the same in the future.....
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -siya more (05/22/15)
  • Salman Khan definitely deserves punishment as he is an ideal for people and examples are set by ideals. If he is released then it will be a slap on the face of justice. This is not the first time that he has committed a crime. Before this issue he was culprit in the chinkara deer hunting case. This shows that he is less bothered about his actions. Also, law and justice is same for every citizen whether he is famous or not.Hence, Salman should be punished to prove the equality of justice.
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -tamanna (05/16/15)
  • Salman khan didn't deserve imprisonment because It is clear that it is an accident and the imprisonment is giving for killing once life . However a man got out of his life but we don't forget that is has done many thing as being human. It was just an accident and the imprisonment shoul given only for those accident.
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -Harsh (05/16/15)
  • Hellooo Friends i am going talk about Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment

    Salman khan does not deserve imprisonment at all.
    Just think,our law send the guilty person or culpritto jail so that ..
    He could not harm other people in society.
    He realises his mistake.
    And do not repeat any such type of mistake or crime in future .
    I know, salman is guilty but he is not a crimal ,who can be a danger for socity.
    Salman Khan is good person nd every person should be mistake our life. but one mistake are avoided
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -Shraddha (05/16/15)
  • Yes, according to me he deserves the imprisonment, because I think rules are equal for all. Though he is Superstar of Bollywood, doesn't matter, but the crime he made makes him criminal and not a superstar. When a normal person can get a life imprisonment for any of his crime the why not he. Only his Stardom doesn't make him a good human but his deeds, his responsibility towards society makes him a good human being. Sanjay Dutt, in also in Prison, so what he get what he did, likewise Salman should get what he did in his previous life, and this is only result of one case of Drunk and drive, in future he has to go through one more case of Black buck............At last Slaman deserves imprisonment
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -Mukesh Negi (05/14/15)
  • yes according to me salman khan deserves punishment. Rules are equal for all regardless of whether you are a superstar or poor. First of all he was driving without a licence which is a punishable act under motor vehicle act secondly he was drunk which is also a punishable crime under the same act thirdly he put harm to the humanity by killing 1 person and injuring 4 others with his car. So acc to constitution laws are same for all so he deserve to be punished
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -Vibhor Sachdeva (05/13/15)
  • In my opinion , definitely he is going to be sentenced a jail of 5 years no doubt he is a celebrity but the law for all persons are equal ...
    Felling very ashamed to say this, in a country like India this can never be happen as there is a discrimination system in our country laws are different for all .
    Suppose if I or you was there In his place then we were definitely sentenced to prison nearly about 13 years ago ....????????????????
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -rohit (05/12/15)
  • As per me he does not for killing people. yes he was under the influence of alcohol so he should be punished for that.

    The actual point is he met an accident as a result of that 1 person died and 4 got injured. But the point is what do you expect out of an accident. do you expect that the vehicle should stop on the road as it is. Accident means some kind of miss happening and it happened. Don't forget that the footpath is not the place to sleep either. Only bcoz the larger chunk of our population is poor no one wants to say anything against that but that should also be considered that if you are sleeping at roadside there is always a chance for you to get hurt.

    He is not a criminal and he did not do it for money and enjoyment. It just happened due to an accident. Whatever the right punishment is there for rash driving or driving under the influence of alcohol he should be given but you can't blindly punish him for killing people.
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -anamika (05/11/15)
  • According to me yes but just for a limited where both case can be satisfy. Basically i am not fan of any celebs but i believe in the process of rectification. ya am agree that to killed a man can not be ractify but to give prison for this is also not any solution. Past is that achievement which you cannot change. But to do goodwell for other is not any kind of thing which person generally do. He is a good person from internal heart and it can be see. so in short he deserve imprison but for short time, and i thing which is going to happen. And court decision is good for both side.
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -itishree (05/11/15)
  • Anyone who does wrong or evil should be punished whether he or she is a normal human being or the founder of the NGO "Being Human". All are equal in front of law. The person who made an accident with severely drunk and also donut have licence is a severe mugshot n cannot be free from punishment.

    Secondly as a superstar , as people follows what superstar advertise , as people consider superstars as their real idols therefore they have much more responsibility towards the society compared to a normal human being.

    Serving people in REEL life doesn't make any sense if that not be followed in their REAL life.

    Severely drunk with hit n then run n then not even care about the welfare of the Segovia would considered as what type of serving????

    Although feeling guilty about the accident and create an Ngo to serve people but not punishing a superstar just because of this will definitely create a question to our law and punishment process..!!!!
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -rukhsar jawed (05/11/15)
  • hello everyone..!

    though i'm a big fan of salman khan bt here i'm going to comment in the favour of this topic.
    every coin has its two sides." Drink n drive" case has shown the cruel side of salman khan but realizing his mistake and changing fr the good has shown the positive of salman khan.

    every person is equal in the eye of law whether it's a celebrity or a normal human being.. Court should punish him for his mistake.
    Punishment is given to a person just to make him realise his mistake, bt after this incident without any punishment salman khan realised his mistake... donated millions and billions for the welfare of people.
    this proves that he is a Man of golden heart.
    A cruel person will never admit his mistake and will not take any measure to rectify it, but salman khan did so.
    however, punishment is necessary as its going to improve the status of law in India and it is going to be very influential for the society.
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -ustat kaur (05/11/15)
  • yes i agree salman must be punished for what he did but he must be punished in a different way that can lead to the welfare of society
    Sending him to jail will not help anyone so he must be given some work for a fixed time span like alteast he must educate 10 slum child each year ....... Make society gundas ( culprits) better person etc so that he have to give a compensation by his money and effort to the society
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -rahul (05/10/15)
  • yes,
    salman khan deserves is proved that salman khan is driving the car at the time of incident.i have read that bodyguard for salman khan is eye witness gave a statement infront of judge that salman khan was driving at that time. everyone is equal before the law.if it is proved that he is the reason for the incident he should be punished.
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -murari bhardwaj (05/10/15)
  • ''what power has law where money rules". Salman khan getting bail is an additional example of Indian defective law and order.Just Consider the fact that he killed a man who was common like us, so he is a murderer."Although he is holding a good reputation in society as a philanthropist we can imagine the Salman's incident in this way.
    You too are in car and coming from opposite direction of Salman's and he due to being drunk hits your car and you die.
    Then just tell, wolud your family like to get him bail?????? Never..
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -PRIYA JOSHI (05/09/15)
  • Good evening everyone

    I will go in favor of the topic that Salman should be punished. I was thinking from the past few days if a common man who is running NGOs like Salman is doing, did the same mistake as Salman did Will the the judgement remains the same ????? Will our law give him bail too like it did in case of Salman. Well everyone knows the answer i.e, obviously a big NO.

    No one is Star in front of Law. Law itself defines itself as in front of him everyone is common. But in INDIA, Law has dumped its meaning, and that the reason why INDIA is still developing country. Indian Governance talk about to be soon developed country but its system is hollow !!!! Go and have a look towards CHINA then may be you get to know what's the real meaning of Law and Justice.

    all those who are saying against the topic, are naturally SALMAN's fans. I just say one think hey guys !!!!! keep aside your affection towards Salman for a while and then think you may get answer that you guys are wrong. Salman's affection has blinded your thinking power as a common person.

    One more thing, yeas may be its true that SALMAN has realized his mistake and is spending lots of money in his Charity BEING HUMAN, but Drunken driving is a CRIME and MURDER while DRUNKEN DRIVING is more than that.

    So he should be punished. There should not second thought in mind.
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -pankaj (05/09/15)
  • As per my view salman khan should be punished. because now a day where people learn from actors. So if he does not get punishment so it will be provocative for the common peoples to do culpable things. so it will be great precedent for the others by punishing salman.
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -rishabh (05/08/15)
  • No,salman khan does not deserve imprisonment at all.
    Just think,our law send the guilty person or culpritto jail so that ..
    He could not harm other people in society.
    He realises his mistake.
    And do not repeat any such type of mistake or crime in future .
    I know, salman is guilty but he is not a crimal ,who can be a danger for socity.
  • RE: Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment? -Meera Singh (05/08/15)
  • yes, salman khan deserves imprisonment. we all know that salman khan have done this mistake under the influence of alcohol and he did not have licence too, have taken the life of an innocent. but he committed this mistake unknowingly.after that he have done many good deeds for the welfare of human being , also have done many charity. but everyone is equal before the law, even though he have done many good things, he is a good human being with good heart and tried to be the best for everyone, ant it is also fact that many good deeds cannot hide a big single mistake and also it will be not fair with the victim for what salman khan have done with him.. if salamn khan is not going to imprison.