Donald Trump as the next US President - the good and the bad!

Donald Trump as the next US President – the good and the bad!


Donald Trump is one candidate for the Presidential election whom no one can really understand. He’s keen on the hate culture but is also popular when he shouldn’t be. He’s a racist and yet has followers everywhere. He’s blatantly anti-Muslim and yet he is supported by people everywhere.

Trump is openly blasted by fellow contestants and interviewers. He has a reputation for being rude and insulting people when he doesn’t seem to quite agree with them. He’s winning opinion polls everywhere. No one seems to directly like this man but yet he has supporter in large numbers who are silently hoping that he wins.

Previously, we have witnessed right wing leaders like Ronald Reagan being bashed when they angered people with their hate speeches but now the same person is being held up high. This is further creating hopes that despite all the shortcomings Trump could win Elections 2016. Considering that he becomes the next President, there should be a list of what could go right and wrong.


1. Speaks without fear: We may hate him for his outlandish way of handling questions but there is no denying that Donald Trump would always speak without fear and hesitation. Regardless of who he may please or displease, this man would always address issues as it is. While politicians take to diplomacy, cry out fake tears and polish their venomous words with sugar coatings, Trump prefers his words unchecked, unpolished and not the least bit fabricated even if that caused quite a stir that could have cost him his popularity going down.

2. Successful business: Apart from being the real estate mogul that he is, Donald Trump is known for his shrewd business formulations, something that he will apply to the economic constructions of the country and take it back to where it was or maybe even higher. Here’s a man who believes in dreaming high, working harder to make it bigger than ever and then achieving it in every possible way. His real estate empire is one living example of his successful venture.

3. From nadir to zenith: There is no ceasing to get impressed by Trump’s nearly bankrupt situation to the way he handled it to take it back to top notch. Someone who understands how to stay strong during crisis is undoubtedly the best candidate for the highest position of leadership for any nation. Even the big recession that hit his projects hard couldn’t stop this man from leading his business to zenith. That is what America needs at this hour. Now that America is facing serious identity crisis, Trump seems to be the man to look upon for the fulfillment of American Dream.

4. Jobs at large: For the economy to revert back to where it was creation of more jobs is the big requirement and Donald Trump is quite focused in this field. His business empire is responsible for the creation of so many jobs and some of the highest recruitments which makes people hopeful of his intentions. He isn’t much of a political player but his understanding of politics as well as business is what makes people think high of him and have expectations from him that are clearly visible from the opinion polls.

5. The ever challenging: Donald Trump is one successful leader who rose up to challenges and readily accepted them in all walks of life, emerging as the ultimate winner wherever his eyes were set. His campaigning might have gained more criticism than appreciation, he was bashed at large but he never succumbed to the challenges. He took the criticism openly and answered each and every question that was asked to shake him off his grounds. He fought back, brutal and tough, and emerged unruffled by those who tried to get under his skin.


1. Just words: Donald Trump doesn’t measure his words before he utters them. While this may look like a good thing it has its own cons. He doesn’t think which implies he doesn’t measure the fact that what he says now, he will also have to consider fulfilling them later. He is simply speaking things that he knows people will like to hear. Can he really put a ban on all Muslims in America? No? Exactly! His lack of experience shows clearly that he is an unfit candidate who would just speak what he feels without any constraint of having to implement them later.

2. Racism gets you nowhere: He did get himself ashamed when he said that Mexicans are killers, criminals, drug dealers and convicts. He wants to deport them and then talks about how he has many good Mexican friends. This hypocrisy will not get him anywhere, especially in a nation that has the largest diversity of immigrants. When the whole world talks about getting rid of the plague that racism is, this man contesting for the Presidential position of US makes the black sound like plague.

3. Narrow ideals: Trump’s lack of experience shows clearly when he fails to understand that America opts for freedom and wouldn’t advocate anything that calls for dividing people on basis of colour and religion. Just like all rightists, he is all about supporting only the white Christians. His thought is irrational and there is no relying on him for any betterment of the present state. Hate politics doesn’t last, not when you have Hitler as your favorite speech maker.

4. Business is all he cared for: When one has spent all his life gobbling money, he is expected to have little insight of what life for common people ought to be like. He talks about making the whole of America rich while ignoring the fact that people do not get rich by promoting hate politics in a country has immigrants.


Donald Trump is one person who has got the whole world confused. He bullies people, a handicapped who he imitated, a woman he insulted, an Indian journalist he kicked out of his campaign, a turban man he poked fun on and many more and yet he is popular. He might be relying on these stunts to make him popular but that won’t last as long as he doesn’t really pay heed to understanding basic politics.

People still have high hopes on his shrewd businessman nature to nurture American economy back to health. Let’s just hope that his hate speeches are only for the sake of popularity stunting and that he pays heed to the betterment of citizens.
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