Eligibility criteria for Bioscience

What is the eligibility criteria for Bioscience?

-The minimum qualification required to pursue this field is a 10+2 pass certificate in science.
-To do a Master’s, successful completion of BSc or BTech is a must.
-In order to do a PhD one has to successfully complete a Master’s course in this field.
-It is a mandate to clear the CSIR-UGC JRF examination to pursue a doctoral research.

What is the aptitude needed for pursuing Bioscience?

-You should have a scientific bent of mind.
-You should have an innovative mind.
-You interest should be thorough in biological sciences.
-You should have analytical capabilities
-You should have the intelligence to tackle various subjects in which this field finds application.
-You should have the knack of working hard and be sincere.
-You should have the desire to invent products.
-You should be methodical, and be able to work neatly.
-You should have a flair of working in laboratories.
-You should be able to work in a team.
-You should have good reading skills.
-You should have curiosity towards nature.
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  • i want to be a doctor.