Eligibility to become an audio engineer

Who is Audio Engineer?

A person who is involved in:
• Choosing, operating, setting up of electronic audio equipment for recording and
• Capturing, recording, copying, editing, mixing and reproducing audio using audio equipment.

An audio engineer is also called sound engineer. An audio engineer can also include the scientist or engineer who develops new audio technologies. He/she is concerned with recording, manipulation, mixing and reproduction of sound. An audio engineer mainly works to produce audio for film, radio, television, music, computer games etc. He/she is concerned with the creative and practical aspects of audio.

What is the educational qualification required to be an audio engineer?

It is recommended to undergo a diploma/certified course, graduate degree or master’s degree in the field of sound/audio engineering or electronic engineering. It is also important that a sound engineer have training before starting working. The training is mostly learned from the training on the job during final year of the course.

What is the eligibility to join a diploma/degree course to become an audio engineer?

To pursue a professional course in the field of audio/sound engineer one should have basic qualification of 10+2 with Math and Physics as main subject.

What is the age bar to become an audio engineer?

There is as such no fixed age bar to be an audio engineer. However, young aspirant with proper education and training are preferred for the job in the industry.
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