Engineering internship CV sample - engineering internship CV formats / templates

An effective CV for engineering internship should highlight following qualities:

1. Energetic
2. Quick learner
3. Dynamic
4. Keen observer
5. Dedication
6. Technical Acumen
7. Ability to carry out instructions
8. Good communication and interpersonal skills

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  • Engineering internship CV sample

    Anuj Parashar
    Contact No. +918568******
    Email ID- ****

    Profile Summary

    -An energetic, quick learner, self starter fresher pursuing B.E. from ABC institute of technology.
    -Excellent in learning new methodologies and trends.
    -Proficient in coding as well as installation of components on PCB.
    -Expertise in micro controller based electronics circuit.
    -Excellent presentation skill and have passion for the engineering.
    -Excellent to work in fast paced environment.

    Personality Traits

    -Remarkable analytical and logical skills.
    -Unmatchable communication skills in verbal and written both.
    -Ability to work in group environment.
    -Ability to follow instructions.

    Technical knowledge

    -Proficient in windows, Linux and UNIX.
    -Internet savvy
    -Knows about the latest techniques and apparatus of electronics engineering.


    -Receive many awards and recognition at various competitions.
    -Participate and receive runner up award in Electronics competition in 2011 at WER University.
    -Submit many papers on various topics of electronics at various universities.


    -Bachelors in Engineering.
    -Certification in Microcontroller.

    Projects undertaken

    Major Project Name- IR Speedometer

    (a) Duration – 6 Month
    (b) Place- ABC University
    (c) Description- This was my project in which I have to make a Speedometer with the help of infrared lights. This Circuit was going to be used on highways and Roads.

    Minor Project Name- Password Control module

    (a) Duration – 3 Month
    (b) Place- ABC University
    (c) Description- In this project, 8 electronic devices were controlled by the passwords.

    Extra Curricular Activities

    -Reading the new things about advanced technologies.
    -Chess and solving Sudoku puzzles.
    -Travelling and exploring the new things.

    Personal Details

    -Language Known- Hindi, English, Punjabi, Urdu, French
    -Date of Birth- DD/MM/YYYY
    -Address- TYEIEIDD