English grammar test - Choose the sentence which is most appropriate

English grammar test - Choose the sentence which is most appropriate

Following is a set of four sentences. Choose the sentence which is most appropriate – grammatically, semantically and logically.

a.) A tale of friends stranded at sea
b.) A stranded tale of friends at sea
c.) A tale of friends at stranded sea
d.) None of the above

a.) Shooting in underwater in ocean sequences was not easy
b.) Shooting in an ocean with underwater sequences was not easy
c.) Shooting underwater sequences under ocean was not easy
d.) Underwater shooting sequences in ocean was not easy

a.) The rise in rates would hurt those home loan customers who have opted for the floating rate plan.
b.) The rate rise would hurt the home loan customers that have choosen the floating rate plan.
c.) Those customers that have chosen the floating rate will be hurt most by rising rates.
d.) Customers that would be hurt most by rising rates will be those who chose floating rate plan.

a.) Both rate of inflation and bond yields is going up.
b.) Along with the rise in bond yields, the rate of inflation is also going up
c.) Bond yield coupled along rate of inflation are going up
d.) Not only bond yield but rate of inflation are going up

a.) He warned that the government should not overreact to depreciation of rupee
b.) Government should not overreact to rupee depreciation, warned him
c.) Government overreaction to rupee depreciation has warned by him
d.) He has warned government overreaction on rupee depreciation

a.) Variations even occur in animals who are closely related.
b.) Animals closely related may even be vary
c.) Variations occur even in animals which may be most closely related.
d.) Variation may even occur in close relation animals

a.) Two eyes give better judgement of distances of different objects.
b.) Judgement of distances by two eyes of different objects are better.
c.) Judgement given by two eyes of distance are better.
d.) Two eyes give better judgement of distance in different object.

a.) Water is more slow in absorbing and radiating heat than land.
b.) The land absorbs and radiates heat quicker than water.
c.) Water absorb and radiate heat more slowly than land.
d.) The heat absorption and radiation of land is more quicker than water.

a.)The stagnant pools are the breeding ground of mosquitoes which are carriers of malaria.
b.) The stagnant pool work as the breeding ground for mosquitoes who are carrier of malaria.
c.) Breeding grounds for carrier of malaria, mosquitoes, is the stagnant pool.
d.) Mosquitoes breed in stagnated pool which work as their breeding ground.

a.) No pay was gotten by the early Greek fighters, only the glory of victory.
b.) The early Greek fighters received no pay, only the glory of victory.
c.) Just the glory of victory while no pay was received by the early Greek fighters.
d.) The Greek early fighters fought only for the glory of victory but no pay was received to them.


1. a
2. b
3. a
4. b
5. a
6. c
7. a
8. b
9. a
10. b
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