English grammar test - make it a grammatically correct sentence

A phrase in the sentences below is underlined. Which one of the phrases given below a, b, c, or d should replace it to make it a grammatically correct sentence? If no change is required, choose ‘e’ as your answer.

1. Thos jumping the traffic lights should have been heavily fined as they do it intentionally.

a.) should be heavily fined
b.) should heavily fine
c.) should fine heavily
d.) shall have heavy fine
e.) no change required

2. The population of China is greater than that of any other country in the world.

a.) greatest among countries
b.) greater than all other
c.) greater than any other
d.) greatest of all other
e.) no change required

3. Most of the young children like to play these kind of games.

a.) this kinds of games
b.) this kind of game
c.) this kind of games
d.) these kinds of games
e.) no change required

4. If you are thinking about studying abroad, isn’t it makes sense to find out a good university?

a.) doesn’t it make
b.) is it make
c.) does it make
d.) it makes
e.) no change required

5. The crime has growth rapidly in the state since the installation of new government.

a.) crimes grow rapidly
b.) crime has grown rapidly
c.) crime grows rapidly
d.) crimes have been rapidly growing
e.) no change required

6. They examined both the pictures very carefully but failed to detect any difference in them.

a.) some difference between them
b.) some difference among them
c.) any difference out of them
d.) any difference between them
e.) no change required

7. My student is so lazy that he can not do anything in a hurry.

a.) is so coy
b.) is so slow
c.) is so careful
d.) is so rigid
e.) no change required

8. Having had been in the airlines, Raphel has seen all the major cities of the world.

a.) Having been
b.) Had been
c.) He have been
d.) He has been
e.) No change required

9. It is a drought condition in the country, it must not had rained.

a.) must have not
b.) must not have
c.) must not had
d.) must not have been
e.) no change required

10. Residents are requested to not throw garbage out of their windows.

a.) please do not throw
b.) not to throw
c.) have not to throw
d.) not have to throw
e.) no change required

11. You should make your children realise the importance of discipline rather than imposing them on it.

a.) imposing it on them
b.) imposing it with them
c.) imposing them with it
d.) impose them on it
e.) no change required

12. He never has and ever will take so much precaution.

a.) had taken nor will ever take
b.) had taken and will ever take
c.) has and never will take
d.) had and ever will take
e.) no change required

13. Had I realised the nature of the job earlier, I had not accepted it.

a.) will not have
b.) would not had
c.) would not have
d.) hadn’t
e.) no change required

14. He is a god man but his yesterday’s behaviour was unacceptable.

a.) behaviour of yesterday
b.) behaviour yesterday
c.) yesterday behaviour
d.) behaviour on yesterday
e.) no change required

15. We met him immediately after the conference at which he is honoured.

a.) he is awarded
b.) he was honoured
c.) he have been honoured
d.) he has been honoured
e.) no change required

16. Because of the high cholesterol level, losing weight was advised him by the doctor.

a.) he was advised by the doctor to lose weight
b.) to lose weight advised him the doctor
c.) doctor advised him losing weight
d.) doctor advised lose weight
e.) no change required

17. Had we started early, we would have reached on time.

a.) Having
b.) If we might have
c.) If we have
d.) We could have
e.) No change required

18. On which channel the show telecasted?

a.) the show was telecasted?
b.) was the show telecasted?
c.) the show had been telecasted?
d.) did the show telecast?
e.) no change required.

19. This is the first time I had ever used foreign razor for shaving.

a.) have used
b.) ever had used
c.) will ever use
d.) have never used
e.) no change required

20. Sale tax on gold isn’t high in Dubai, is it?

a.) isn’t it
b.) is it not
c.) doesn’t it
d.) does it
e.) no change required

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  • ANSWER : English grammer test - make it a grammatically correct sentence -Kshipra Singh (09/10/13)

    1. a
    2. e
    3. c
    4. a
    5. b
    6. d
    7. c
    8. a
    9. b
    10. b
    11. a
    12. a
    13. c
    14. e
    15. b
    16. a
    17. e
    18. b
    19. a
    20. e