English grammar test - select the correct word or phrase

English grammar test - select the correct word or phrase

Select the word or phrase to make the grammatically and idiomatically correct sentence.

1. As soon as the villagers discovered that he was a quack, they ____________ him over to the police.

a.) handed
b.) handed with
c.) hand held
d.) gave

2. The child was cheered _____ by the news that his mother will be returning home in a day or two.

a.) on
b.) up
c.) with
d.) down

3. As soon as my attention was _______ the problems faced by the kids, I asked them to change the instructor.

a.) drawn to
b.) drawn upon
c.) drawn in
d.) drawn near

4. Agriculture in the rural parts of India has ________________ industrial development.

a.) kept pace along with
b.) kept pace together with
c.) kept pace for
d.) kept pace with

5. The lack of careful planning has brought the policy ______________ .

a.) to grief
b.) in grief
c.) on grief
d.) with grief

6. Global recession has made retrenchment of jobs _________________.

a.) the daily order
b.) order for the day
c.) the order of the day
d.) everyday’s order

7. I wish my father _______ here to witness the opening of my new office.

a.) was
b.) were
c.) had been
d.) would have been

8. Mira is a great hand _______ organising the cultural events.

a.) in
b.) at
c.) to
d.) for

9. He has an easy access ___ the locker room.

a.) to
b.) in
c.) inside
d.) for

10. The share prices are determined ____ the stock market.

a.) through
b.) with
c.) by
d.) from

11. If you have a good idea but are lacking ______ finance, you should enter into partnership ________ an affluent person.

a.) of ……. with
b.) for …….. with
c.) in …….. with
d.) in …….. of

12. She was operated ______ an abscess in his gum.

a.) for
b.) on for
c.) on
d.) against

13. He picked up a quarrel ______ a petty thing with his guide. It costed him his Phd.

a.) on
b.) over
c.) in
c.) onto

14. Being the eldest son, Rama was to succeed _____ the throne.

a.) on
b.) upon
c.) to
d.) over

15. We must mind our actions. We judge ourselves by our thoughts, _______ others judge us by our actions.

a.) whereas
b.) when
c.) as
d.) because

16. When he took charge as the CEO of the company, the situation was at ____________

a.) sixes and sevens
b.) doldrums
c.) hilltop
d.) junction

17. Ravi is always in debt as he ______________ of is money.

a.) does injustice
b.) makes ducks and drakes
c.) makes unjustified expense
d.) abuses

18. Priyanka has two sisters, but she doesn’t speak to ______________ of them.

a.) both
b.) any one
c.) neither
d.) either

19. They finalised the agenda for the meeting ______ their way to the office.

a.) while
b.) on
c.) through
d.) by

20. Have you found a job ______ ?

a.) still
b.) soon
c.) yet
d.) by then

21. ________ pompous, he was an entertaining companion.

a.) Though
b.) Being
c.) Never
d.) Before

22. A public speaker should not be too sensitive ____ criticism.

a.) on
b.) to
c.) about
d.) upon

23. Compared ____ India, Japan’s progress in the field of technology has been commendable.

a.) against
b.) over
c.) towards
d.) to


1. a
2. b
3. a
4. d
5. a
6. c
7. b
8. b
9. a
10. c
11. c
12. b
13. b
14. c
15. a
16. a
17. b
18. d
19. b
20. c
21. a
22. b
23. d
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