English language online test - test your english

English language online test - test your english

Select the word or phrase to make the grammatically and idiomatically correct sentence.

1. Can you pay ______ my rail tickets?

a.) off
b.) on
c.) for
d.) out

2. Intruding ____ the borders of another country is an illegal activity.

a.) in
b.) inside
c.) into
d.) through

3. A good judge listens to all the arguments and never jumps ____ the conclusion.

a.) at
b.) to
c.) on
d.) for

4. Children _____________ going to the new school, since last week.

a.) are
b.) have been
c.) has been
d.) would be

5. The party was lavish. Guests were delighted ______ with the tasty food and warm treatment.

a.) at
b.) about
c.) on
d.) with

6. Mom asked the son to set ________ some time for his piano practice.

a.) in
b.) up
c.) aside
d.) with

7. Had I known about the schedule I ______ have come to attend the elimination round.

a.) would
b.) could
c.) might
d.) may

8. The necklace is _____ two thousand rupees.

a.) for
b.) worth
c.) availed
d.) costly

9. __________ our best efforts, we failed to convince them to use our software.

a.) Inspite
b.) Despite
c.) For
d.) With

10. Every employee is expected to work ____ the interest of company

a.) in
b.) on
c.) as per
d.) according to

11. The flight is scheduled to depart at 9 p.m. There is no possibility of _______ leaving late.

a.) they
b.) them
c.) their
d.) he

12. They were planning to go to a movie. His friend __________ unexpectedly.

a.) returned to
b.) come home
c.) turned up
d.) get in

13. All his friends congratulated him ____ getting the scholarship.

a.) for
b.) on
c.) about
d.) to

14. The government is trying to eradicate Polio _____India.

a.) out of
b.) from
c.) through
d.) in

15. The police offered a _______ for information about the men wanted in recent robbery.

a.) reward
b.) award
c.) profit
d.) prize

16. I have brought some good CDs _____ you to watch.

a.) to
b.) for
c.) over
d.) with

17. The doctor has a lot of __________.

a.) patients
b.) customers
c.) clients
d.) people

18. “I have bought this land. It’s _________!

a.) my
b.) mine
c.) myself
d.) me

19. She thanked her friend as she could finish her work in time _______ her help.

a.) for
b.) in
c.) with
d.) because

20. My ________ sister has gone to see the doctor.

a.) junior
b.) small
c.) little
d.) younger

21. The ______ study to set up a new Industrial belt will be completed by the end of this year.

a.) natural
b.) economic
c.) calculation
d.) feasibility

22. We have not yet received a ___________ from the state government to conduct the survey of natural resources in our state.

a.) request
b.) yes
c.) consent
d.) compliance

23. We are new to the city. The taxi driver cheated us and brought us here by a ________ route.

a.) longest
b.) smallest
c.) circumscribed
d.) circuitous

24. He ____________ to listen to my arguments and signed the papers.

a.) disagreed
b.) denied
c.) refused
d.) objected

25. The benefits of government’s new scheme have now _________ to the lowest level.

a.) percolated
b.) seeped
c.) flowed
d.) resulted

26. It was the last copy of the book left in the library. The student ___________ it to study at home.

a.) issued
b.) hired
c.) borrowed
d.) lent

27. He is so __________ to dust that he never cleans the house with covering himself up properly.

a.) immune
b.) afraid
c.) scared
d.) sensitive

28. The transformer got burnt. Many houses of the area were _________ into darkness for hours.

a.) covered
b.) plunged
c.) merged
d.) dipped

29. I like to talk to him. He is _____ to reason.

a.) amenable
b.) congenial
c.) cordial
d.) patient

30. I was meeting her after a long time and kept on _______ at her till I remembered who she was.

a.) winking
b.) gazing
c.) staring
d.) seeing
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  • ANSWER : English language online test -Nishant Kumar (09/10/13)

    1. c
    2. c
    3. b
    4. b
    5. d
    6. c
    7. a
    8. b
    9. b
    10. a
    11. b
    12. c
    13. b
    14. b
    15. a
    16. b
    17. a
    18. b
    19. c
    20. d
    21. d
    22. c
    23. d
    24. c
    25. a
    26. c
    27. d
    28. b
    29. a
    30. b