Everyone wants a change but nobody wants to change

Everyone wants a change but nobody wants to change

Everyone wants a change but nobody wants to change

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

Everybody thinks of changing the world and has innumerable suggestions to do so. We are well aware of problems and know how to mend and stitch awful situations but are not prepared to be accountable. We discuss and share extraordinary ideas but expect others to take initiatives. We want results but don't want to own the process and do the hard work it takes to achieve them. We are often inclined to not change or resist change while nursing best from others. There are numerous issues in our society but how many of us are ready to lend hand to and take stand for? To bring the change we should ask ourselves: did we change? Am I better than yesterday?

Let us discover some classic situations where we need to change ourselves to bring change:

We hate the sight of dumped garbage on roads and the improper disposal of hazardous waste on open plots. We expect our government to step up and solve this problem. Have you ever realized that offenders are neither caught nor punished because we never complain? We should raise our voice and help legislators to stop those who are dumping wastage. Treat roads, open spaces, play grounds etc. as our own, we use them - Can we vow to keep those places clean?

We are urbanizing and cities are facing traffic woes. Who doesn't hate sitting in car for hours, waiting for the traffic to get smoother? Traffic snarls are often because of violators. Many of us take U turns where we are not supposed to, ride bikes on the footpath, drive wrong side on one way etc. If we mend our ways, we can reach home on time and make roads safer to walk and drive. Can't we change to be more considerate on road?

Most of us want our political parties be made accountable for poll promises but refrain to take a political plunge. To be a politician, one needs to wear a thick skin as life is not a cake walk for them. We only criticize them from outside, if some of us will take a serious dive in politics for good cause, change will be certain.

We urge to create sports culture but majority of parents discourage their kids to pursue a sports career. A plethora of opportunities go untapped as a result of such mindset. When parents will let their kids to pursue career where their passion lie, it will be a major breakthrough for India's growth.

Electricity, water, roads etc. are regarded as essential public goods and services. It is stunning to know one of the reasons droughts hurt us so badly is that we waste a lot of water. How many of us work to reduce electricity usage? No religion says that festivals are to be celebrated by digging roads but we vehemently damage them in the quest to enjoy festivals.

While government is preparing a compact plan to rejuvenate our rivers, we can't shed our old habit of throwing garbage into the river. Won’t a small change in habit make the government's job easier?

Can we expect corruption be wiped off from India when we don't hesitate to offer bribe to get our work done?

People want to see change everywhere but falter endlessly everyday that denies overwhelming transformation. They don't wish to make a difference with themselves and are content with the status quo. Change is a slow process, contribution, no matter how large or small, makes a difference. We must bring about a change in the way we think and act before expecting a miraculous revolution.

- Nishant Kumar
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