Fail often to succeed in life!

Fail often to succeed in life!

Fail often to succeed in life!

Nobody likes to be failed and knocked out. Nobody likes to be on the loser's seat. We all work, play, practice and prepare to succeed. We often treat failure as the most unpleasant event, ridiculously establishing frosty and negative relationships with failure.

Ironically, successful people fail a lot more than they succeed. They fail again and again in their life. But they embrace failures as blessings. They learn, extract energy and wisdom from failures and use them in the next assignment of life. In fact, if you are not failing often, you're probably not pushing yourself hard enough.

We must encounter and taste the bitterness of failures. They give the life's unforgettable lessons and those who learn, see the great heights of life.

Failure teaches us a lot of lessons. We should seek lessons in failure instead of dwelling and sulking in frustrations. Knowing mistakes early can take you a long way in the life journey. Analyzing wrong steps and fixing them at the earliest is the key to bloom.

An athlete throws himself into most inconvenient situations so that he can practice to adapt himself. Now, when these situations actually show up, he is ready to face them. We too should take a leaf out of an athlete’s life. We should take chances and take a shot to work on the edge of our capabilities where we are almost certain of failure. This is how we can set ourselves to take up difficult tasks.

Few people actually enjoy the feeling of being uncomfortable. Those who take the challenge to get past that initial feeling of discomfort are the most successful ones.

Facing challenges head on determines growth! Successful people are not successful by chance or luck. They are successful because they have shown exemplary courage to walk a risky path.

- Nishant Kumar
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  • RE: Fail often to succeed in life! -Fail often (03/14/18)
  • Those who learn to withstand failure, pain and critics are the winnings in the long run. Life is like an ocean where journey is not possible without overcoming waves. It is harsh but life is full of failure and pain. It needs constant hardship to go past failure and achieve a position. You should have spine to be a fighter.
  • RE: Fail often to succeed in life! -Sravya (02/02/18)
  • Everyone heard the proverb failure is the stepping stone of success.
    Failure teach lot of lessons for every success people there are many
    failures. During the time of failure case he/she must be strong.
  • RE: Fail often to succeed in life! -Nikita (01/30/18)
  • The reason for anyone successful life is only failure. Failure brings us into a worst condition in which we forced to improve our mistakes and make it 100% correct. Because of that we come across a situation where we don't do any mistake and become success. That mistake can only be correct until we face it again and again.
    Every successful person faced a lot of failure before success. They learnt a lot in their life. They know very well in what condition they can face a problem because they are well experienced one. Also they don't bother about a failure because they think failure is a new chance where they can do something extraordinary and show their talent to the others.
    So Guys don't give up if you face failure instead feel happy because now you are on the right track of your successful life and the day will definetly come when you say "If i didn't face it, I wasn't be at that place".
    Remember "If you don't give up you still have a chance".
  • RE: Fail often to succeed in life! -Zeeshan Iqbal (01/29/18)
  • " Wear your failure as a badge of honor " Sunder Pichai, Founder of google chrome.
  • RE: Fail often to succeed in life! -Fail often to succeed in life (01/16/18)
  • Achiever are consistent people in their endeavor! They never bog down with failures. They sharpen their skills when chips are down and get themselves ready with stronger punch for the next bouts.