GATE - How to prepare and score well?

GATE - How to prepare and score well?

1. Is there negative marking in the exam?

Yes, there is the system of negative marking for the GATE exam. It has its own impact on the overall GATE performance. There is no negative marking on numerical answer type questions. But, it is there in the one and two marks questions. One-third mark is deducted in the one-mark questions whereas two-third in the two-marks ones.

Before attempting doubtful questions, keep three things in your mind:

* your performance
* difficulty of the GATE paper
* your confidence about an answer

2. How many questions should you attempt to get a decent score in GATE?

Every year the exam council sets new cut off marks, so it is not possible to predict the exact marks. Try to attempt as many questions as possible that you can with your knowledge and intelligent guesses. Just beware of the negative marking.

3. What is the best way to prepare for GATE?

* Try to complete the entire syllabus. If not, practice your areas of expertise properly.
* Prepare notes after going through every chapter.
* Try to learn and analyze what you are reading.
* GATE is an objective paper, so the questions may be tricky. Practice as much as you can.
* One of the effective ways to prepare for GATE is group study.
* You should make sure that you are aware about the structure and pattern of the question paper.
* Use of proper sources and selection of books is very crucial.
* Also have a frequent communication with your faculty.
* Try to solve the previous year's question papers and refer to question banks.
* From 2014, GATE started a new pattern, so also refer to the new pattern resources.
* Revision at the end of every chapter can boost up your confidence.
* Test yourself to check how much you understood.
* Time management is the greatest success mantra.
* You should be completely prepared with the syllabus on time.

4. Is it necessary to join coaching classes to prepare for GATE?

The decision regarding joining a coaching class depends upon you. It has both pros and cons.

Advantages – You will be forced to take time and study and this will be beneficial. You can also make the maximum use of the tips given by the expert faculty. Also, the tests would let you judge your position.

Disadvantages – A lot of time would be wasted in traveling. You will be making new friends.

- If you study at home, there are distractions like family, television, etc.

Hence, think which is a better option for you.
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