Germany’s open border policy gone wrong?

Germany’s open border policy gone wrong?


Little did Germany know that its open border policy to accept unlimited number of refugees would create so much fuss, to the extent that keeping a count of new citizens pouring in from everywhere would become impossible. Refugee crisis in Europe is not nearing any conclusion, nor is Angela Merkel’s decision to not put a restrain or reinstate limitations.

Even when there is strong clash in ideals within her own government, Chancellor Merkel is absolutely against redefining limitations on number of refugees. She is of the view that what she is doing is best for Germany and all the European nations in general.

However, it is to be noted that the citizens of Germany are not too happy with her over the way receptiveness towards the refugees while creating crisis in the lives of her own people. A survey shows that majority of Germans are against her decision and would want strict limitations just like Austria did. Are all these criticisms pointing at Merkel’s open border policy going wrong or are they just apprehensions coming from a worried lot of people?


1. Financial crisis: An unaccountably large number of people coming to Germany, to escape war situations in their nation demands larger finance to help them with accommodation, food, job and security. Millions of new citizens in Germany are all looking avidly at the government to help them settle down while it is becoming impossible for finance minister to manage and lend out support to such a big newly added population. That is one of the prime reasons why people from within the government stood against the policy that was creating imbalance in finance and economy of the country.

2. Insult to injury: No limitations or prudent filtering in the number of refugees entering into Germany has created various other problems that are an insult to injury. Since there is no checking the purposes and backgrounds of refugees, there is no determining if they would be compatible to adjust in a new nation, while accepting the rules and regulations of the society. Large number of people who are not compatible to live in Europe or change their ideology for that matter are creating nuisance in the nation that gave them shelter during trouble. Mass rapes and other instances of harassment by refugees have been reported by citizens, not to forget the dreadful Cologne incident.

3. Resentment from other European nations: While Merkel talks about being considerate of the entire Europe and doing her duty to keep Europe stable and integrated, her actions are having the exact opposite effect. There have been protests and harsh criticism from other European nations on Merkel’s stubborn decision to not impose limitations on the number of new intakes. It will make it difficult for European Nations to deal with financial crisis that could only be dealt with collectively. Hurting one’s own people for propagating the larger interest of humanity is beginning to backfire on Merkel.

4. Educators for these people: There is scarcity of everything that these refugees need in order to be able to live and adjust without creating mess, starting from food to educators who can teach them the nitty gritty of European living standards and rules.

5. Compromising security of citizens: Too many people and too less police is one of the biggest threat that Germany did not anticipate when it took millions of refugees in. Police is not able to handle situations where a mass is involved while they stand understaffed. The appalling incident in Cologne is a clear example of security being compromised for citizens with population going up and security personnel on scarcity.

6. Space compromised: There is an alarming disaster with shortage of room to accommodate refugees. Sports facilities are being used for providing shelter to these people. It is quite clear that people are not happy about their recreational spaces being invaded in such a manner that life seems changed all of a sudden, and there is no determining and when and how it would return to normal.


1. Humanity above all: War isn’t a pretty sight, nor is it a place worth living where people get killed on a spree of terror. These people fleeing their country, homes left behind, carrying their little ones want a place safer for their families. If Germany is giving shelter to them without restrictions, it is a matter of compassion and humanity above all. Merkel has lead many successful missions for Germany and she is indeed wiser enough to handle this matter with a good mind and heart, given that she gets patience and optimism from her people.

2. Won reverence: Germany might be facing financial and economic crisis because it took in refugees in such a whopping large number but it sure won respect of all the third-world nations. The whole lot of people who came from Syria and Hungary are happy and relieved as they were welcomed into Germany. They could be facing asylum crisis, but at least they are safe and secure in the fact that they won’t be hunted down by scavengers of war.

3. Economy: Initially it might appear that too many immigrants is not a good news for the financial position of a country but history can attest to the fact that open border immigrations have always boosted economy in times to come. While this might create too many mouth to feed and a competition for job, it is also to be noted that revenue generated also goes up in years to come as these people settle down.

4. Unbiased entry: Even if Germany closes down its borders or enforce rules and limitations on the numbers of people to come, it will eventually boil down to rich v/s poor. While people with means would still be able to get access without any screening, the poor will resort to undocumented immigration and might even get criminalized in the process. With its unbiased open border policy for everyone, Germany has set example that would show good result in years to come.


How do you determine the good and the bad in an open border policy? There are reports of terrorists getting into Germany with fake passports via the refugee route. Unless and until restrictions and strict filtering is applied before taking in further refugees, the problem will only continue to double. When you are short of space and security, there is no point in entertaining guests who might just lose patience and resort to violence on the host nation. However, it would be too early to declare if Germany’s open border policy has gone wrong or needs some time and efforts to prove its worth. If Merkel continues to hold office after the next elections, there is hope that the policy would do better.
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