Go birding - it’s good for you!

Go birding - it’s good for you!

Go birding - it’s good for you!

What a perfect way to bid adieu to the year 2016 in Birding style!

On our feet early at 5.20 am, we slipped quietly for birding, zeroed in to CME lake, Pune, a hotspot for migratory birds.

As we were nearing the lake, our eyes geared up to check out the birds with cameras in ready mode to capture each moment. And as we got off the car, the cold and fresh air around us filled with the chirping of a multitude of birds. We felt so enriched by melodic sounds of bird songs and calls.

Birding is the observation of birds in their natural habitat. Birding is enriching, relaxing and inexpensive, it is more than an aesthetic treat, here are few benefits:

Great for Health

It’s an outdoor and early morning activity, thus helps soak up vitamin D and allows us to breathe fresh air, excess oxygen rejuvenates the body and soul; replenishes the zeal to cover extra miles of life.

Teaches to be patient

One needs to keep his patience to catch a glimpse of birds. A bird can appear out from anywhere, seizing the majestic moment requires a great deal of forbearance. Such practices imbibe into the subconscious mind; lead us to stay calm in day to day roller coaster life.


Being outdoor early in the morning elevates our mood. We tend to breathe deeper that allows more oxygen transported to the cells of our bodies. It fills up with enough steam and improves our alertness.

A watcher brain works on many different levels and can sense birds presence around and quickly prepares to capture it in camera before a once-in-a-life opportunity is eclipsed.


Those who travel live longer!

If you are a nature lover, you travel to live up and treat the curious eyes. It teaches us diverse things of life and each experiment inspires us to think positive and keep our brain young.
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