Google knows too much about us!

Google knows too much about us!

Google knows too much about us!

Here are some things that Google knows about you:

1. Search history since you started using internet (including voice searches).

2. People you are closest to, from your frequently contacted list.

3. Auto-filled data, saved passwords, bookmarks.

4. Calendar, Google drive, Google hangout.

5. Places you have been to, Google map knows it all.

6. Android apps you used and deleted.

7. The exact numbers of searches you did from any device.

8. All the devices that you used and used it to connect Google account.

9. YouTube videos that you watched.

10. Google Play store activity.

11. And maybe more!

Ever since we laid our hands on Google, we have thanked the search engine numerous times, for helping with homework, projects, information to know and boast sometimes, mindless searching at bored hours, relationship answers, medical advices on embarrassing symptoms, secret fantasy quests, porn, and lot more. Google became best friends with everyone in no time. But does this BFF know too much about you than any search engine should?

In the age of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, this question seems out of context but try using any app from the play store and you should well be surprised to know that it needs access to too many things that should never be given to third party software.


1. Emails are not deleted straightaway

You hit the delete e-mail button and believe that it is gone. No, it’s not! Google has accepted that as part of its policies, it keeps residual copies of deleted emails and getting it completely deleted may take up to 60 days. Some emails may still remain in its backup systems. In this fast world, when we want things deleted, personal emails for instance, it should be gone.

2. Hackers can have access

The data Google stores can be hacked and can be misused in way more crooked manner than we can imagine. Security of internet has been compromised time and again. Imagine all the information that Google stores falling into wrong hands and the crooked ways in which they can be used against you.

3. Streetview

Google’s Streetview is the next generation map that compromises on invading the personal space of other people without their knowledge or permission. India said no Google Street View map for this very reason even though it has its advantages.

4. Data selling

More free apps and games in the store means that they are earning by selling customer data to companies that use it for advertising. Google saves your interests to serve you with similar ads that can be tempting for you. But think of all the interests of yours that they know about and the picture can be creepy.

5. Unknown apps

Not every product of Google comes with its name. Picasa, YouTube, Blogger do not even come with the information that you are being tracked by Google as you search into these. You might unknowingly be searching and providing more information to Google than required.


1. Google is safe

Google has assured its customers time and again that security and safety of data is its primary concern. This is a huge tech giant that wouldn’t risk bad reputation by compromising the safety of users. Google stopped collecting Street View data via WiFi when it realized that the process was unsafe.

2. You always get the option

Other services of Google like YouTube always gives you the option whether to sign in or not! If you choose not to sign in while watching videos, there is no way Google can tell which videos you watched in order to recommend the same genre later.

3. Permission

You can choose to deny permission and access to apps and games. Right after installation, they ask you to choose whether or not you want to allow the app to read certain files or data. A simple ‘No” would suffice if you don’t want the app to be spying your activity.

4. Safety

It is for your safety that Google keeps record of deleted mails till 60 days. The data is used to track suspicious activity which is one of the responsibilities. There is always the incognito window if you want to stop Google from keeping tabs.

Yes, Google stores too many information than required, some of which are objectionable but there are always ways to prevent Google from tracking your activities. All that you need is to be a little more vigilant.
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  • RE: Google knows too much about us! -Google knows too much about us (06/21/18)
  • Security on internet is always compromised. When you are surfing on net, you are actually playing with fire. Websites can make use of your information for their benefits by sharing them with the clients. Google being the giant on Internet has been using your data in many ways in the name of serving personalized services. While we are getting intelligent services but entire our personal data are saved with them. Any data leak would create a havoc in many ways. But you deposit before you withdraw, similarly to get service you have to post your data. There is no escape route, trusting on a reputed company like Google who always vows to protect our privacy is a calculated risk. But exposing data to newbies is not a great idea, we should always restrain ourselves