Handwriting is a reflection of your personality.

Handwriting is a reflection of your personality.

Handwriting is a reflection of your personality.

Most of us simply stop paying attention to handwriting soon after high school. We have our own excuses on how being overtly busy and short of time has made us drag the letters along, sometimes to such an extent that anyone else trying to read you would have to use a magnifier. You may start thinking and even believing that handwriting doesn’t matter but what if we told you that it is at places considered a medium to gauge your personality?

The popular belief is that writing is a way of expressing and hence different mediums have been defined to guess on a person’s personality based on the slants and spaces and line levels you provide in your write up. Is handwriting actually a reflection of a person’s personality?

For :

1. Graphology : It is the special technique that is used to analyze a person’s personality and character traits by studying his/her handwriting. Experts of graphology can swear by the fact that they are almost right about a person’s behavioral qualities based in this technique. Employers in some nations are known to hire these experts to give their opinion on the personality of people that are being considered for some or the other position.

2. Various traits : Personality traits vary. According to some studies, over 5000 different personality traits could be guessed just about accurately by studying a person’s writing style. The way you sign your name or connect some letters to the other could reveal a lot about your personality. These are unique and differ from one another just like people do.

3. Health issues : Experts are known to predict health issues like schizophrenia and high blood pressure issues by simply studying one’s handwriting. The level of energy one possesses or to know how active one is can also be comprehended by taking a closer look at their personality. National Pen Company constructed various tests and researches to know the correlation between the two and more than often they are found to be correct.

4. Examples : People with small handwriting are known to be shy, scrupulous and bookish. Extrovert people, on the other hand, are known to be calling for attention and are not afraid of being reveled and hence tend to write in bigger fonts. Restrictive people make narrow loops on some letters while outgoing people make broader loops.

5. Time valuing : People tend to write faster when they are busy and do not like wasting any second of their time and hence their writing is usually lighter compared to the others who apply more pressure on the pen while writing slowly. Your handwriting is also bound to be less decipherable when you are in a rush compared to how you write when you are relaxed.

6. Differentiating : Experts can easily distinguish between left handed people and right handed people simply by looking at their write-ups. This shows that handwritings do suggest a sneak peek into the personality of a person.

Against :

1. Pseudoscience : It is nothing more than just pseudoscience that claims to be the accurate judge of a person’s personality by studying his/her handwriting. Psychologists have attested to the fact that handwriting studying technique is totally worthless and there is nothing that could be known from one’s handwriting.

2. Rubbished by experts : The British Psychological Association has time and again expressed that there is absolutely no relation between handwriting of a person and his personality. They are of the view that trying to gauge personality from handwriting is somewhat same as finding out future from astrology. They are both a matter of personal belief and have no grounds to prove its stance.

3. Confusing : The way that is used by experts to study handwriting is rather confusing. They suggest that studious people write clearly but if you have seen a doctor’s prescription, you would know how wrong this theory is. Other theory suggests that imaginative people write faster and hence incomprehensible most of the time.

Handwriting could give you a sneak peek into the personality of a person but that cannot be construed to be 100% accurate as a means to judge someone like they do in some countries for job recruitment. People differ. Their personality differs and so does their calligraphy. Some people tend to simply scrawl when they are stressed and the same person could write differently when they are more relaxed.
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  • Handwriting reflects one's personality and there is no exaggeration in it. Every move of a person says about one's inner self and what's brewing in the mind. Reading handwriting correctly to comprehend character of a person is not an easy task. One can relate few characteristics of a person with his handwriting but not 100%. Hiring on the basic of handwriting is too much of a believe in this technique. Mood swing has an impact on handwriting too, taking decision on the basic of person's handwriting is not correct.
  • RE: Handwriting is a reflection of your personality. -narinderpal singh (01/16/17)
  • According to me we are not judge any person's personality by handwriting
  • RE: Handwriting is a reflection of your personality. -hernani (12/08/16)
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