Has the youth forgotten the Gandhian Principles?

Has the youth forgotten the Gandhian Principles?

Every year we celebrate Gandhi’s birthday, but this time it was special. Our PM visited USA before Gandhi’s birthday and preached about India’s demographic dividend and Gandhian ideology. India is the birthplace of Gandhi and his principles. Its young population is expected to take forward these principles and their legacy. In this context, we need to introspect that apart from PM, does the youth of this country really follows or bothers about Gandhian Principles of which India boasts?


-Gandhi’s most important principle is non violence. But today, irrespective of age, sex and religion crimes are rising. Worst part is that youth are more involved in committing these crimes.

-Selflessness and helping attitude towards others is another Gandhian principle. The over ambitious youth of today don’t care about others, for them their aspirations and desires matter more than any one’s help or well being.

-Gandhi ji always emphasized on means rather than ends. Today most of the young population cares about the ends. Either by hook or crook, they are hell bent on getting what they want even if the path is unethical.

-Gandhi’s emphasis on principles of swadeshi and self dependency seem to be left behind by youth. Our dependence on foreign products is increasing day by day and youth is still fascinated about them.


-Gandhi taught to fight against injustice. Youth has been way ahead to raise its voice and struggle against injustice. Be it Lokpal movement or intense protest after 16th December rape case, youth has been quite vocal about injustice.

-Gandhi believes that work is worship. Indian youth has proved its mettle globally in IT, Science & Technology, Sports etc. This reflects the seriousness of youth towards their work.

-Young population is full of energy, which needs to be given a proper direction to flow or radiate. Whenever a responsible leadership has leaded youth, non violent behavior has been followed. The Lokpal movement is the perfect example.

-Gandhi ji talks about moral values and family’s importance in cultivating them. If parents and guardians fails in their duty of cultivating these values then how can they expect a well mannered and cultured behavior. After all, children learn from their parents.


Youth is full of immense energy, if we can harness it and use it in the right direction this energy can create miracles. India’s youth understand and respect not only Gandhi but his principles too. But preaching them these principles on one side and practicing hate politics to fuel tension in society on other side will not work. Gandhi himself set an example in front of youth during freedom movement and channelized the young energy for country’s freedom. Youth too followed him in large numbers. Society, politicians and elders need to play their role first and set examples that can be followed by youth. Such an attitude will definitely motivate youth to follow Gandhian principles.
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  • RE: Has the youth forgotten the Gandhian Principles? -nikhil (11/11/14)
  • I have to describe this in percentage.I think only 10% of youth follows the gandhian principles and other forgot them. I think new generation of youth is not doing anything that help people of india. They only think about how to make money and how our life become more comfortable. They only think about their family. They don’t care what is going on their surroundings and this is not a gandhian principles. Gandhiji abandon their all comfort for people of india.
    This example is enough to know about that youth follows gandhian path or not. Actually there is a need to change our mindset and we have to do something great for nation.
  • RE: Has the youth forgotten the Gandhian Principles? -Deepa Kaushik (10/07/14)
  • This discussion can be counted under two heads that is, whether the youth has forgotten the Gandhian Principles, or we can discuss on whether the present day youth is following the Gandhian Principles in its totality. Before starting on the discussion of the youth and their thoughts on the Gandhian Philosophies, we need to realize and understand one thing that we are not living in the Gandhian Age. Change is the only constant in the Universe. World has changed a lot post Mahatma Gandhi’s demise and so the people and the youth.

    Our youth is full of vigour and energy and have the spirit to grasp hold of the things instantly. All they require is guidance and an efficient leadership. The fire can destroy the world, and the same fire when controlled and regulated can be very helpful in our day-to-day activities and explorations. Our youth are like fire who need to be handled with caution and care. A mis-handled youth is what we are observing as criminals. The number of crime ratio in the country has increased and youth accounting to most of therm. Is the you is the one to be blamed? Is that not the upbringing which becomes the responsibility of the adults in the family who has carved such a youth. Then how can we blame the criminals for not following the Gandhian Priniciples.

    Youth have set examples in their various movements against injustice, be that a public interest issue like Lokpal Bill, or a voice against women security like the 16th December rape case, or the voice for their right in the seat allocations and reservations. Every movement had begun peacefully, unless and until the various social activists, politicians and other sect of people came to play.

    Gandhi talked of selflessness, but he never said worklessness. Youth is more confident and conscious for their work. They are so much engrossed that they hardly get time to spare for the public affairs. That doesn’t denote their selfish attitude. Even today we can find young children and the youth coming to help in case of any need at a public place. Where the majority of the citizens hardly wait to see the trouble, the youth are the ones who extend their helping hand.

    Though we have plenty to talk in favour of the youth, still we cannot deny the fact of increasing old age homes, which is again the immoral step of the youth to look after their parents. Gandhi sacrificed family for the well-being of the country and citizens, but our youth is sacrificing their parents and their happiness just to lead a life without boundaries. The crimes and their mentality in committing the crimes should not be over-looked. Precisely speaking, our youth is ready to follow the Gandhian Priniciples if they are imparted and educated with the Gandhian philosophies and boosted up with the good morale. It is the adult section that need to change their mind-set to nurture their children on the Gandhian Principles.