Here are 8 tips to help you in a telephonic interview.

Here are 8 tips to help you in a telephonic interview.

Here are 8 tips to help you in a telephonic interview.

What comes out of your mouth matters in a telephonic interview, let’s say it is all that matters. Though there are certain perks of facing a direct interview as compared to a telephonic interview, but you can definitely make an impression if you have the right words and of course the right preparations.

For those who are more comfortable talking on the phone than face to face conversations, telephonic interviews are bliss. However, there are downsides to it too. You cannot see the expression of the interviewer to predict his mood when he asks you a certain question. You cannot use your body language to show that you are confident. There is only your voice and your answers that you will be entirely judged upon.

Follow these tips to crack telephonic interviews successfully:

1. Schedule the call wisely

Choose the time of the day when you are most relaxed and most likely to take the call free of external disturbances. A calm environment helps you think better. Do not hurry with the timing when they ask “when can we call you?” Most people make the mistake of telling them that they are open to call at any time of the day. When you are given the choice, you better utilize it.

2. Utilize the space

You are out of sight of the interviewer. Make use of the occasion. Keep a handy copy of your resume, the job description, the skills needed, and a few to-the-point details about the company and any other document that may come useful. This way you would have direct reference to anything that can help you do the interview better than you would face to face.

3. Prepare well

The most commonly asked questions should always be well prepared in advance. If possible print them out and keep it handy for reference during the interview call. However, try not to read out from the paper. Practice beforehand on tone and speaking techniques and refer only at key terms to help you keep the answer in a flow.

4. Speak clearly

Your voice and speech clarity matters in a telephonic interview. The words should be clear and understandable. Do not speak too fast or in a rush to complete the answer just because you have the reference in front of you. Take pauses to think and know how punctuations work in a speech. The best way is to practice, record your voice on phone and know how they can be improvised upon.

5. Mirror view

This works miracles when you are speaking over phone. Look into the mirror while speaking and put on a happy smiling façade. Smile when necessary, it shows on your tone of speaking. It will make you sound enthusiastic and positive vibes travel across all the time. The interviewer must be used to conducting telephonic interview and hence capable of knowing your level of interest from your tone.

6. Be polite and professional

Use polite words like thanking where required and asking to be excused when you sneeze or cough. If you didn’t get what was asked, politely ask her to repeat. Maintain a professional tone and not the casual one that you usually have for friends and known people. Modulate your tone and choice of words depending on what is asked in which tone.

7. Keep out salary matters

This is definitely not the time to initiate salary matters. Clear other doubts if you have any regarding the job location and other details but keep out serious matters. Leave them for the email conversations that follow up after the interview. Salary matters are safe to discuss only if the interviewer initiate the question or asks about your expectations. Be ready with a reply just in case.

8. End it well

End it with a happy thank you note and never be the first one to disconnect the call. Do not give out any impression that you are in a hurry to end the conversation. Follow up with a thank you email and give her the impression that you are enthusiastic about the job.
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