Hexaware aptitude placement paper

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This is placement season in our college campus. One of the top companies that visited our campus for placement recently was Hexaware. They conducted a written test of 45 minutes. Some of the questions which I remember from quantitative section are as follows:

A train 135 meter long takes 5 sec to cross a man running at 15 kmph in a direction opposite to that of the train. Find the speed of the train.
a) 17.1 sec b) 17.2 sec c) 17.4 sec d) 17.3 sec

If (a+b):(b+c):(c+a)= 2:3:3 and (a+b+c)= 16, then the value of c is:
a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) 8

The least number of 4 digits which is perfect square is:
a) 1100 b) 1200 c) 1024 d) None

In a family there are some boys and girls. All boys told that they are having equal no of brothers and sisters and girls told that they are having twice the no. of brothers than sisters. How many boys and girls present in a family?
a) 4 boys and 3 girls b) 3 boys and 4 girls c) 2 boys and 5 girls d) 5 boys and 2 girls

A game is played between 2 players and one player is declared as winner. All the winners from first round are allowed to play in second round. All the winners from second round are allowed to play in third round and so on. If 8 rounds are played to declare only one player as winner, how many players have played in first round?
a) 256 b) 512 c) 64 d) 128

If there are 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers parked in a school located at the heart of the city, find the number of 4 wheelers parked there if there were 20 two wheelers parked there

a) 48 b) 50 c) 52 d) 64

One person had three children. He had 7 pennies. Find the distribution of the fruits among the three children. A melon costs 1 penny, 2 oranges cost 1 penny and 3 grapes cost 1 penny
a)2 melons, 1 orange, 1 grape b) 2 melons, 2 orange, 1 grape c) 1 melons, 2 orange, 1 grape.

The age of the two friends were in the ratio of 6:5. If the sum of their ages is 55. Then after how many years their ratio will become 8:7?
a) 11 b) 7 c) 10 d) 12

The sum of the squares of two no is 12 and their sum is 15.Find the product of the two nos.?
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