Hexaware verbal questions and answers

Hi Friends

Hexaware is a dream company to work for computer graduates like me. After one long year of search I got a placement at Hexaware last month. The questions they asked were based on basic topics like error in the sentence, sentence shuffling, filling the sentences with right words etc.

For e.g. the questions that I remember from my test are:

Limited resolution of early microscopes was one of the reasons of _____ understanding of cells.
1. aided 2. discredited 3. increased 4. contradicted 5. restricted

The uncommon herbs are difficult to study because they are found only in ________ valleys of Himalayas.
1. fertile 2. hospitable 3. inaccessible 4. mundane 5. extensive

a.) review b.)propel c.)begin d.)push

a.) incursion b.) contest c.) ranger d.) intuition
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