Hindu women should have four kids: A viewpoint or misleading remark?

Hindu women should have four kids: A viewpoint or misleading remark?


BJP MP from Unnao, Sakshi Maharaj stated that every Hindu women must give birth to at least four children to protect Hinduism. He made the statement in Meerut at the Sant Samajaam Mahotsav. India's population is more than 121 crores. As far as the size of India's population is concerned India ranks second after China and one out of every six person in the world is from India. The combined population of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra is far greater than population of United States of America, the third most populous country of the world. Is the MLA trying to change laws and policies related to population of the country? PM decides to stay silent over the unethical remarks of Sakshi Maharaj but let us discuss the controversy of his remark from every point of view.

Shakshi Maharaj's point of view:

1. The remark of having four children by Sakshi Maharaj is not to disturb any of the policies but to protect Hinduism and to keep the population of Hindus stable. If his statement is unethical and misleading, then restricting laws should be introduced for those having more than two or thee children.

2. The Hindutva extremists have also claimed that Hindu women should keep producing more children in order to counteract Muslims minorities who usually have five to six children and will thus overtake hindu population in times to come.

3. Every Indian had the right to put forth his point of view and the same goes for Shakshi Maharaj's statement which was just a request from his point of view. He further clarified that the women should send one child to the border for serving the nation and one or two to the sants for social and religious activities.

4. Shakshi maharaj is a Hindu activist and this is not the first time when his statement raised controversy. This could in fact be considered as one of the most humorous of his controversies that are usually offensive.p

Other point of view:

1. Sakshi Maharaj's statement of having four kids is against the national population policy. India is the second largest populated country in the world. Sakshi Maharaj thinks that children are assets but in reality children are or liability and in a country where majority of the population lives in slums, this statement shows an example of the kind of people we have at ministerial level.

2. Sakshi remarked the above statement by saying Hindus population is increasing slower than Muslims and Christians but 2011 census doesn't support this. According to 2011 census, Hindus constitute 80.5 percent, Muslims and Christians are at 13.4 and 2.3 percent.

3. 'Four kid plan' will also disturb the sex ratio of country. Sex ratio refers to number of females per 1000 men. The 2011 census shows the ratio to be 940. Thus sex ratio is favourable in all the states except in Kerala. By adopting such measures, it will create imbalance in sex ratio.

4. Sakshi Maharaj's statement reflected a view point of depicting women as child-bearing objects and is insulting to womanhood. Such misleading statement are delivered taking in favour of religion but the fact that it is detrimental to women's health was easily ignored by BJP MLA.

5. India is known for secularism which says government will not tolerate religious activities. Sakshi being Member of Parliament should not involve in religious matter. He should better work for the development of country rather than influencing country's population. He should be involved in politics for development and good governance.

6. Three percent of India pays taxes to support already overpopulated country where majority are illiterate and unemployed. If many women starts to produce four children, there is no imagining where the country could be going with population and scarcity of resources.


The idea that every Hindu women should have four children is neither protective to Hinduism nor any good for the country. People should not get influenced by such statements to follow actions to save religion by making their country populous. There is absolutely no justifying Shakshi Maharaj's statement. In a country where overpopulation has led to many problems like scarcity of resources, increasing rate of unemployment, lack of proper health facilities and education, encouraging women to keep producing children can be problematic. It is not expected by a member of the parliament holding an esteemed position in the legislation of the country to make such derogatory remarks.
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  • RE: Hindu women should have four kids: A viewpoint or misleading remark? -Raj kumar (01/09/15)
  • first i strongly condemns shakshi maharaj statement because its totally ridiculous. Women are not child producing machine which can we used to overpopulate this country which already facing lots of problems due to dense population. Instead of making this statement they should bring strong law to implement two child policy like our neighbor china has done.
    Now come on the religious point of view, we all know what is happening in muslim majority countries or islamic countries, so nobody want to see that barbaric situation in our country. We are peace loving person and we do not want to dominate all over the world like islamic fringe elements.
    So my point of view is instead of making such statement they should help the government to bring & implement strong law to control the population.
  • RE: Hindu women should have four kids: A viewpoint or misleading remark? -Ranjeet Singh (01/09/15)
  • Hi,
    we all know that god created this world. He has not created any difference between us either we are from Hindu, Muslim or any other religion.But its our responsibility to make peace in this beautiful world. Nowadays you can see and hear that which religion people are responsible for crimes or such type of activities across world.
    Yeah,Its true we should respect our religion,caste and culture.We live in India. So ,its our responsibility to think about our country protection,peace and everything just as we care our home.can you imagine what it will happen in our country when Muslim population becomes greater than Hindu population?. First thing is that Muslim people do not focus well on education .So they can not understand their responsibility well about their country.Their aim is very small.Do more marriages specially nowadays their target from Hindu girls because their Muslim head says that if one Muslim boy marriages 2 Hindu girl and give birth 12 children then in next 24 years from now, our country will be Muslim country like Pakistan etc. now you can imagine what will happen with Hindu people when majority of Muslim people will be more .They will run our country according to their rules like Pakistan because they are having majority of Muslim votes.Then you can nothing do at that time because they have power in population as well as in government.Their Muslim Head says to the Actor that you must do marriage with Hindu girl so that Hindu girl can believe on Muslim boy and could do marriage with Muslim boy.If you have any doubt in my views then you can take example of Pakistan.They have majority of Muslim in their country , they are not doing any good work for the world so that we can benefit from them.Its our country and we should do our best for country .Government should take good decision about our country. If Muslim people will be more than Hindu people.its fine but what will happen to our country because they do not focus on children education .If majority of uneducated people will be increase then you can imagine very well. what will be the structure of country. Government needs to think about the Muslim Children education and their increasing no of population which will definitely create problem to our country.If Government do that then we do not need worry about it either Hindu women have two or four kids.
  • RE: Hindu women should have four kids: A viewpoint or misleading remark? -Deepa Kaushik (01/09/15)
  • The remark could have been considered as a viewpoint if the same had been spoken by a common man. Let us not discuss how fair the remark is right now. But, a religious remark from the politician and that too from the ruling body is not all that good and appreciable. People elect the members of parliament to govern them according to the values and virtues of the country. India is a secular country and it would be highly agitating to compare the ratio of population as per religion. This would be considered very much like religious discrimination.

    The minister should understand his position and responsibilities first, and should remember himself to be a governing authority irrespective of his classification under religious table. As a minister of Parliament he should ideally be promoting the policies of the country which sticks to two child norm. in present situation, when India is already under population stress with difficulty in competing the demand and supply of the infrastructure to such a huge population, it is a totally irresponsible comment.

    Being a politician, he should try to be an ideal and preach the equality of the religions. India is a secular country, then what matters if the ratio of Hindus is more or of that of Muslims, or Christians or any other religious group. Every citizen is equal before law. There should not be any religious parity. Such remarks could embark violence throughout the nation.

    Now coming on to the health status of women, the minister should aim at promoting the health status of already existing women in the country along with their security, instead of uttering such comments which would further deteriorate the condition of women in society. After much difficulties, we are trying to promote the 2 child per family norm and the gap between the children. Minister has forgotten all the health policies in his flow of religious harmony. Any person in the authoritative position need to check his wording well before reciting them in public. It would be considered no more than foolishness to speak anything in the public gathering. The remark is definitely misleading.