How can you improve organization’s effectiveness through OD? What are its features?

How can you improve organization’s effectiveness through OD?

OD is a dynamic process that brings a change in the organization. The organizational effectiveness can be improved through OD. The organisation's members can gain the skills and knowledge, problem-solving techniques that contribute towards the transformation of process. It also contributes towards the high efficiency, qualitative productivity, increased financial returns, etc.Thus, helping the organisation to nurture a high quality of professional life.

What according to you are the common features of OD?

OD applies to changes in the strategy, structure, and processes of an entire system, such as an organisation,a department or work group, etc. It is based on the application and transfer of behavioural science, knowledge and practice.It ensures in carrying out a planned transformation in the future. OD involves both the creativity and the reinforcement of change which helps the organisation in long term period.
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