How can Youth contribute towards Nation Building?

How can Youth contribute towards Nation Building?

As we celebrate the 71st anniversary of our independence, it is our responsibility to take the country ahead with determination to create a "New India".

Freedom is independence to think for oneself clearly. Let's discover our passion and chase our dreams. Let's make our own choices without being worried about what others think of them and work hard to achieve them. The need of the time is to show courage and honesty. Let's leave the casual approach towards performing any task or duty.

Patriotism is associated with serving our country. Our actions and achievements make our country stronger and it is a great display of patriotism.

We have freedom of expression, freedom of belief and freedom of action, what else do we need? We all have got some skills, just need to organise them well. We all have energy, just need to unleash it at the right place and in the right direction.

Let's take a giant stride on the path of progress with grit and determination and contribute to our nation's well being. Let's not blame anything, let's stop criticising the lack of facilities, infrastructure, atmosphere etc., work hard with whatever we have and achieve high. Nothing is perfect in this world and so are our surroundings. Let's not wait for conducive environment to start our journey, just count on the resources at our disposal and get going.

Stop thinking of outcome and don't let our eyes off the goal. It's Ok to fail! We all learn from failures and gain experiences that help us achieve bigger. Failure is a part of successful journey, learn from it and prepare to strike harder next time.

Every thought is made up of energy and has its own frequency. When this energy and frequency of your thought radiates into the Universe, it attracts the energy and frequencies of like thoughts, like objects, and even like people. They all help us to achieve our goals.

So, let's set clear goals and perspire to achieve them.
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  • RE: How can Youth contribute towards Nation Building? -coco (08/21/18)
  • Nation building is everyone's responsibility. Every worthwhile act of our can contribute greatly to our country both socially and economically.