How right using a software to spy on your partner is?

How right using a software to spy on your partner is?


Spyware is a software that helps in gathering information about a person without his/her knowledge. It may be installed on a PC or on a mobile phone to track down a person's whereabouts. The use of spywares to spy on other people has become pandemic.

A lot of people are purchasing these softwares to track their partners. Women charities have complained about an increase in the use of spyware softwares as they consider it to be unethical.

Yes – Use of spyware is unethical.

1. Privacy – Each and every person has the right to privacy. Use of spyware to spy on your partner breaches his/her privacy.

2. Affects relationship – If you have a doubt on your partner, talk to them openly and express your concern. Spying can lead to complications like lies and jealousy and they can ruin your relationship.

3. Criminal law – In most of the countries spying is considered to be criminal and it may put you behind bars.

4. Loss of trust – Using spyware, you may realize that your partner is not cheating on you. In that case, if your partner comes to know about you spying on them, they will lose their trust on you.

5. Loss of respect – If you use spywares to spy on your partner, it is highly probable that one day they will come to know about it. Then you may lose the respect that they had for you.

No – It is not unethical.

1. Truth – A person might be lying all the time to their partner. Using spyware to spy on them in case of a suspicion can bring out the truth.

2. Save life – Usage of a spyware can save a person from a partner cheating them continuously.

3. Bring a change – At times, when you catch your partner red-handed with the help of spywares, they might realize their mistake and might change themselves. It may help to restart the relation in a fresh manner.

4. Evidence – Using a spyware can help you acquire evidence to be presented in the court during a divorce case.

5. Safety – Using a spyware can bring your cheating partner to light. So, if need be, you can get yourself tested for sexually transmitted disease.


Though spying is considered illegal in most of the countries, sometimes it comes in handy. It makes people aware of the true faces of their partners. But on the other hand, it intrudes into the privacy of others making them uncomfortable in a relationship.
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  • RE: How right using a software to spy on your partner is? -Deepa Kaushik (01/02/15)
  • Life is a balancing game that runs on the basis of trust. Without the trust factor life would be no less than hell. This term ‘trust’ is applicable in every relationship that one encounters in their lifetime. The more close the relation, the greater is the trust.

    Family runs on this line of trust and understanding. The ability to cope up with each other within the married couples would be an essence of this understanding. Spy is like a poisonous beetle that could prove fatal to this unique bonding nurtured by trust and belief. Spyware could be an advancement in the technology, but married life is more than the height of technological advancement to create a gap. The marriage is a special partnership between two individuals who share every moment of their life. But every person has a sphere around him / her. It essentially requires to be private. Even the life partnership should not be a reason to enter that sphere. The spyware hurts that personal sphere of an individual.

    Suspicion is the world’s deadliest poison which could kill a person physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually. The poison which is so hazardous can easily break a relationship. The bond of marriage that lies entirely on the trust factor would be broken down to pieces with the slightest suspicion. Using spyware could be easy, but that would be an end to the respect, pride and prestige of the relationship that the couples share.

    Spyware could help a few cases where one partner might be ditching the other, but the same could not be valid in a lot many cases. Even after having a loving partnership, the suspicion and use of spyware could create a never ceasing gap within the relationship. Hence, the use of spyware is definitely unethical for a good family relationship.