How to find a good internship?

How to find a good internship?

How to find a good internship?

It is hard and time taking for most students to realize that the carefree vacation of their lives is nearly ending and they need to start looking for internships or part time jobs. It is the very beginning of your career, the foundation stone towards finally becoming a paid employee rather than the wanton teen that lived off parent’s pocket money.

Getting a good internship is not a piece of cake, let’s accept it first. You will be facing challenges of finding the suitable one for you and then doing all that you could to make sure that you get it. Get ready as we explore some tips that can help you in getting a good internship.

Here are a few tips to guide you through finding a good internship

1. Consider your choices

There won’t be many, we know, but you still need to focus on whatever choices you have. You need to distinguish between what you actually want for yourself and what you would compromise with. Make a list of things that you are expecting from your job, including location and ease of transit. You are not going to find a job that fulfills all your needs, so make sure you grab the one that fulfills most of them or the most important ones of them.

2. Take help

Not everything is advertised on the job portals. If you happen to know some people in the industry of your interest, it is about time you get in touch. This also includes people who may in turn know someone else at places where you are interested in working. They could provide reference when there is an internal opening and could assist you with the current job trends in that particular field. So, networking is extremely important.

3. Make a good resume

You know what you are good at but the employer will need to see them in ink. Ready your resume, highlighting the skills that could be beneficial in that field and mention your achievements in previous internships or a project at college where you volunteered. Showcasing your skills, while keeping in the mind the requirements for the job, plays an important role in getting yourself the right internship.

4. Weigh benefits correctly

There will be pressure of taking up that small part time job since the queue at the ones you want is long. Go for it only if options are limited and they are good to some extent. Taking up just any internship is not good for your profile.

Weigh the benefits only in terms of the value they add to your profile or the learnings you would get from that role.

Take up the position even if the company is smaller but what it offers to teach you is worth. There are a lot of startup companies around who may not offer you a glamorous stipend but a good learning. Pick up the offer. You have a whole life to earn that fat package if you get the right skills.

5. Leverage the power of Internet and take the campus seriously

There are quite a few online platforms that work in this but not many internship requirements are advertised yet. Do put up your resume on these websites but if your college gets some companies for Campus placement, take them seriously.

Create a LinkedIn account for yourself and start developing your network with the professionals.

6. Erase the embarrassing stuff

While it may seem waste, employers do look into the social media content sometime before hiring a newbie, basically to check if you have been a troubled teen. If there are embarrassing stuffs that are open for viewing, delete them off. Clean your slate before you welcome the good change that is about to happen to your life.

7. Learn about the companies

You applied at a few places and you know nothing about them when you get called for the interview because you randomly applied. This is a big mistake that could be avoided if you keep a note of the companies that you applied at. Learn a few important things about them so that even if you get called on a short notice, you are prepared to face the basics.

The most important thing is

Do not worry if the job is a small one, most internships will be small offering lesser than you thought. Remember that they are going to add to your experience. If hospitality industry is where you see yourself in future, a small job at a good restaurant could well mean a feather in your hat. Get the one that is relevant to the career you intend on pursuing and you have the best internship offer for you.
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  • RE: How to find a good internship? -Marv (09/09/16)
  • Develop your online persona

    It is an art to get an internship of your choice. Online persona can assist you in many ways. Author your own blog, forum and write about your passion on social media. Write about your understanding of the industry you are looking to work. There are many who can help you getting a best seat, just let people know about your requirement. Online strategy helps greatly.
  • RE: How to find a good internship? -Aamir (09/07/16)
  • Internship is not meant to earn, it only adds to your experience. To get a relevant one should be the only aim. Yes, getting a good internship is an uphill task. So plan out well in advance about the kind of job you would want to opt for and also keep your network updated about it.
  • RE: How to find a good internship? -Megha (09/07/16)
  • This definitely added value to me as a student. A lot of startup companies visit our college but we do not take them seriously because we want to get into those big companies. This was an eye opener for me!