How to follow up after an interview?

How to follow up after an interview?

Following up after an interview can be a tricky thing to do especially because while you want to be in touch with the employer, you don’t want to be seen as an annoying pest or a desperate and anxious job seeker. The difference between the two is of sensibility.

If you follow up in a sensible and mature manner, the interviewer will definitely see you in a positive light.

In this video, I’m going to talk to you about how the effective follow up emails for various situations should be.

When you are following up, e-mail is the most preferable medium for the ease of replying it offers. But, before we get to the actual messages, here are some very useful tips that you can’t afford to ignore.

i.) Keep your e-mail very short and to the point.

ii.) Spell the interviewer’s and company’s name correctly - it demonstrates your attentiveness and seriousness.

iii.) Ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes in the email.

iv.) Provide your phone number at the end. If they need to call you, they shouldn’t need to dig into their files for your contact details.

v.) If they have given you a time frame, don’t follow up before that. But, of course don’t stop applying to other jobs while waiting for this one.

vi.) Don’t follow up too often. They may be taking time for some reason. And, yes if they say "No", don’t keep persisting with a hope that they may reconsider their decision.

vii.) Don't be apologetic - There’s no reason to feel sorry about contacting them either. It’s good to be humble but you don’t need to degrade yourself for that.
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