How to obtain Commercial Pilot License (CPL)?

How to obtain Commercial Pilot License (CPL)?

This requires minimum of 250 hours of flying. Of this, 150 hours have to be solo flying, 25 hours of cross-country flying, 10 hours of instrument flying, and 5 hours of flying in the night. Also have to pass written examination in the subjects of Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Air Regulation, aircraft & engine/instruments in general, specific and performance (if applicable). Performance paper is applicable to heavy aero plane having MTOW more than 5700 kg or Twin Engine Helicopter.
A medical certificate from ACFME or IAM and theory tests in Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Technical and Planning are other important parts of the process.

Eligibility: the candidate shall have passed Class Ten plus Two (10+2) or equivalent examination with Physics & Math from a recognized Board/ University. And the age bracket for getting a CPL is between 18 years and 30 years. For a Commercial Helicopter Pilot License, the cost could go up to Rs 13 lakh. However, this cost varies to great extent depending upon the flying school.

How much will it cost me?

The total cost to become a commercial pilot will be:
At Step one (SPL) bank guarantee of Rs 10000
At step two (PPL) 60 hours x Rs 3500 per hr = Rs 210000
At step three (CPL) 250 hours x Rs 3500 per hr = Rs 875000

Thus, it will cost around Rs 110000/-. However, this cost do not include the other expensed like hostel facilities, examination fee etc. Also, this cost is variable according to the ranking and reputation of the flying club providing training.
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