How to Prepare for your Campus Placement?

How to Prepare for your Campus Placement?

How to Prepare for your Campus Placement?

A campus placement is a golden opportunity to land a job of your dreams. But you need to be clear how to approach the preparation too. After all, you will be competing for a good position in a top company and so will others! Campus placement involves the following stages namely:
  • Pre-placement Talks
  • Resume Review
  • Testing: General and Technical Aptitude
  • GD/PI
  • Interview: Technical and HR
  • Final Review by Selection Committee
  • Final Selection Offer
At each stage, you need to be sure about your preparation strategy. Here are the tips to help you get to the top.

#1 Self Evaluation

Understand your plus and minus points. Be certain about your personal and professional aptitude for placement in a company.

#2 Building the Right Resume

This is an important part of your preparation process. Googling the best resumes is only a start. You need to study and compare resumes. Some experts also advice different and more detailed resumes for different phases of the campus recruitment, for various companies.

These Resume Samples should give you a good start!

#3 Preparing for Aptitude Tests

General as well as technical aptitude tests are common for companies to separate the average from the excellent applicants. The typical sections of an aptitude test include Quantitative & Analytical Skills, Logic and Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Written Communication and Subject Matter. Be sure that you need to prepare for this section. There are several books you can refer to, taking 1.5 – 2 months of practice for absolute mastery.

See the videos and take practice tests from CareerRide, to boost your chance of cracking this important round.

#4 Read Up For GD/PI

Surf the internet, practice the GD topics commonly expected. Go in for career sites which carry cogent and detailed points for common GD/PI topics. Brush up on your general knowledge and current affairs as well as subject matter.

Prepare with the most updated list of Group Discussions on every current and general topic!

#5 Interview Preparation

An interview is a conversation with a purpose. It can also make or break your chances of being selected. You have to work on your communication skills as much as job and subject linked knowledge. Conducting enough research on common interview questions serves as a useful starting point.

Technical Interview: Next, you need to approach the technical interview with complete preparation. Study the different areas of your subject thoroughly, especially the most favorite ones. Remember, interviewers try to make it easy by asking questions on your favorite topics. But if you have an interest for the topic, you should also have the aptitude and knowledge along with it. Keeping this in mind, it is important to study the feedback you receive in mock interviews.

HR Interview: This is where the capacity to communicate matters. Adopt all aspects of non verbal and verbal communication. Study your interview and respond to questions in a positive and precise manner. Try to understand the business behind the interview, for the best outcomes. Take the work out of the HR interview, by relating to your discussion and giving focused attention to respond to the best of your ability.

This video covers all the important questions and answers, a fresh graduate can expect to be asked at an HR Interview!

All is well only if you make the effort to work hard and smart at the same time. A campus placement process can be a breeze where you come off with flying colors, if you are skilled at all aspects and phases from the aptitude testing to the final interview and selection process. Remember to take the time to be yourself, because that is what counts the most. All the best!
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  • RE: How to Prepare for your Campus Placement? -Campus Placement (04/13/18)
  • Campus Placement is the most important phase of any graduates, giving them goosebumps and nerve-wrecking for many. To come out with flying color having secured a deserving seats in an organization is what everyone sweats for day-in and day-out. Those who prepare and plan well in advance have seen better chance to be fit into employers criteria. With jobs scarcity surging up every year, one can't take chance and have to prepare well. The trailing tips are apt and quite useful.