How to write a thank you note after the interview?

How to write a thank you note after the interview?

"My interview went well.
Am I done?
Do I need to send a thank you note now?
I think, I do. It’s a nice gesture after all. "

Well, if you ask me is it compulsory to send a thank you note, I would say it's not. But if you ask me, it is necessary to send a thank you note even after a good interview, I would say, absolutely yes!

The reasons are simple, a good thank you note helps you in 3 ways:

- It gives the interviewer a peek into your attitude.
- Re-affirms your level of interest and initiative
- And, most importantly it helps you strike a chord with them at a subconscious level.

If you are already in the list of probable candidates, a good thank you note can definitely work as a tie breaker.

So, yes, if you are genuinely interested in the position you interviewed for, you must send out a thank you note.

Here I am sharing some tips on writing a good thank you letter and a sample letter that I received some days back.

Remember, a good thank you letter is one that sends out some positive vibrations.

The two elements that help in deciding this are: Timing & Content.

Let’s talk about the timing first:

i.) Don’t send out the note immediately after you have come out of the interview. It’ll make you look desperate. Also, you’ll not be able to put much thought into the contents of the letter. All that you would do is write a plain “Thanks” and that’s as good as not sending anything.

ii.) Also, don’t do it too late because that’s even worse than not sending anything. Too much delay just conveys that this was not your priority.

A good timing is anywhere between 6-24 hours after the interview.
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