Huawei Campus Placement - Procedure and Questions

Huawei Campus Placement - Procedure and Questions

Huawei is a Chinese multinational company and has laid its hands in the Information and Communications Technology and has succeeded in gaining the top position in this segment and is amongst the leaders. Huawei is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The products of Huawei are marketed across 140 countries. The company has been able to establish its capabilities and strengths across carrier networks, enterprise, and consumer and cloud computing fields along with advantages in

• Telecom Network Infrastructure
• Application and Software
• Professional services and devices
• Wireline, wireless and IP Technologies

Huawei established its operations in India in the year 1998 and started operating from Bangalore. The office in Bangalore deals with the R & D department and takes care of the software development and develops components, platforms and products in the area of:

• Next Generation Networks
• Intelligent Network
• Network Management
• Data Communication
• Optical Transmission and
• Mobile Handset application.

In India the headquarters of Huawei are located in Mumbai. They also have an office in Gurgaon which handles their marketing segment. The office in Gurgaon was established in 2001 – 2002.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for selecting employees for their offices are, the candidates must score 65% marks throughout in the academics. Students from the below mentioned streams are preferred for recruitment:

• Instrumentation and Control
• Information Technology
• Computer Science
• Applied Electronics
• Electronics and Communication Engineering
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Selection Process

The selection procedure of Huawei includes of a written test followed by a technical round of interview and lastly concluding with the HR interview round. There are around 60 questions which are to be completed in 75 minutes. The written test is divided into aptitude, verbal ability and technical section. Then aptitude section aims to measure the IQ level. Questions in the technical section are covering the topics on signals and systems, networks, basic communication, mobile communication, Fourier transforms and wireless communication. The verbal ability section measures the grammatical skills of the candidate.

Once the candidate clears the written exam, then he is preceded towards the technical interview round followed by a HR interview round. The technical round of interview covers questions from the topic Java, C, linked list, structures and unions, operating system, database, data structures, SDLC, types of testing, programs in C and you may be asked to write certain test cases. Some of the questions asked in the interview are:

• Difference between character array and string.
• Virtual memory.
• Syntax for any query.
• Explain what is a pointer?
• What is a cache memory?
• What is thread?
• What is DOM?
• Disclose some details about STL.
• Explain what Malloc is.
• Explain the difference between stack and heap.
• List the different data types.
• Tell me something about SAX Parser.
• How will you do storage management?
• Explain what is a dead lock
• Solve the given puzzle - find the cube diagonal for 8*8*8 cube.

Once you have successfully crossed the technical interview round, you are then taken forward to the HR round. The HR round is basically done to test the attitude of the candidate and gather information about the background of the candidate. Questions in this round are:

• Tell me something about yourself.
• Which area do you think you need improvement on?
• Give me details about your family background.
• Why do you want to join Huawei?
• How many more interviews have you given?
• Give me details about the projects that you have taken place during your academics.
• What do you know about our company, who is the CEO of our company and where are our headquarters located?
• How many offices do we have?

Being prepared is the key to clear any interview. For you to be able to clear the technical round successfully, you need to be thorough with the basics of your subject and the subjects related to the job you are applying for.
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