Hughes Placement Papers - Computer Architecture Questions

Hughes Placement Papers - Computer Architecture Questions

It has been observed the Hughes conduct a test for Computer Architecture students. Here are a few questions asked in the Hughes Technical section of Computer Architecture paper:

1. Explain what is pipeline architecture?

2. Explain what is the difference between asynchronous transmission and synchronous transmission?

3. In TLT NAND gate, what is the last stage called?

4. In statement of 8086, what is the difference in IRET and RET?

5. What does quality factor indicates?

6. Explain what is Preemptive Scheduling?

7. What is the advantage of SRAM over DRAM?

8. Explain what is the method used for Disk searching?

9. In what does the resistance increases with increase in the temperature?

10. Explain what is floating point representation?

11. Which layer of OSI provides security functionality?

12. Is buddy system a memory model?

13. Explain what is better AM or FM and why?

14. What is formed when the LSB of a shift register is connected to its MSB?

15. What does the term QUAD indicate when used with an IC?
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