Improving performance in sports - Things to learn from China!

Improving performance in sports - Things to learn from China!


Though India is the second most populated country in the country, it failed to produce the best quality players in the recent years.

India has always showcased a poor performance in the Olympics. Winning a medal or winning a game adds a lot of value and helps to improve the image of India at an international level.

A lot of sports are practiced in India, which includes indoor as well as outdoor games. Though hockey is the national sport of India, people consider cricket as their ultimate game.

A lot of games, including cricket, hockey and other sports needs an overall improvement. Athletic games needs more development and encouragement. It is noticed that parents and kids are always interested in playing renowned games such as cricket or hockey.

Apart from improving the players performance, certain other factors should also be taken into consideration.

1. India should spend a considerable amount on the infrastructure system. Better stadiums with excellent facilities should be constructed across the country.

2. Invest to develop the games such as wrestling, boxing or shooting. Very games such as cricket, tennis or hockey are popular in the country.

3. Construct various sports academies for chess, tennis, wrestling, shooting etc, in every state. We do have a lot of cricket and hockey training institutes. What about the other less popular games? Consider them too.

4. The government should try to increase the representation of the country in the Olympics to more than 85%. India represented 34.44 % of the events in China in 2008. The strategy should be re-framed and India should try to use more number of talents.

5. Encouragement of each and every sport in the country is a must to improve the performance. Create awareness about the existence of every sport in the nation. Today, if you ask any aspiring player - “Which sport would you love to take up?”, their answer would definitely be either cricket or hockey. Such a mentality, which is present in the society needs to be changed.

6. Health is another important factor that affects the performance at any sport. If the players are not fit, you cannot expect them to perform well. The sports associations or the training centers should provide a proper health chart and diet plan for the players.

7. Not only the government but also the society and the private institutions should lend a helping hand to promote and improve the performance of a sport in the country.

Things to learn from China!

1. China has started giving the opportunity to a large number of people to participate in the Olympics or any other sports. They are fully utilizing the talents of their country.

2. China focused a lot on the sport and physical education. This helped them to improve the performance of every sport. They have made it mandatory that the sports people should follow a regular exercise regime.

3. China follows a good sports policy which is colored by ethnocentricity and self strengthening objectives.

4. The main aim of All China Sports Federation is to promote sport and build up people's physical strength. Even all the sports associations in India should adopt such a motive as it focuses on the game as well as health of the players.


By adopting and following the above mentioned steps, India would definitely be able to achieve its goal in the field of sports.

Sports development is essential for every country to maintain a perfect image on the global platform.

India should adopt a few good things from China, in order to improve the performance in sports.

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  • RE: Improving performance in sports - Things to learn from China! -Deepa Kaushik (08/06/15)
  • Sports in India just means Cricket. People don't even consider the National sport hockey. From kids to old people, everyone is just interested in Cricket. All other sports have lost their value in India. Improvement in performance is a much futuristic thinking, we first need to remember all other sports form and remind the young generations and encourage them to take up different sport events.

    The things go in a vicious circle. Children doesn't take up the events due tolack of encouragement and infrastructure for other form of sport events. on the other hand, the government doesn't provide aid to the Boards of all the sport activities as they don't get response from the people. It is not a thing to be blamed only on the Government. People and Government should go hand-in-hand to get other events into lime-light.

    Yes, we need to learn from China, and also all the other well performing countries in the world to show our talent on the global stage. It is not that we lack talent, we just need to identify and encourage the talented ones and give them appropriate shape to shine on the Universal front. It is not just the players who shine, but they represent the country which means adding pride to the nation.

    Hence, it is high time to come up and improve all the events in sports and have our foot-prints on the International Events.