Indian culture - Is it a myth or reality?

Indian culture - Is it a myth or reality?

India culture is one of the most talked about cultures in the world. It has got vast variety in its culture. People from different countries come to India to get a touch of it. But what exactly culture is? Culture is about everything how people live, what their values, beliefs, are and then their language, food, religion, traditions and so many things. All these things together form culture. However, all these components of Indian culture are getting affected by westernization. So what do you think Indian culture - Is it a myth or reality?


• One of the most important parts of any culture is its language and in India Hindi is getting overshadowed by English. People find it a matter of shame to speak in Hindi.

• Another important change that can be seen is the way youth are leaving their parents and settling in the different cities. They go for job but after settling don’t find it important to take parents along with them.

• Indian culture is more about the Sarees, suits and lehengas that are even not seen in the marriages today. The place is taken by the indo western outfits.

• In Indian culture guests are considered as god but in today’s world people consider them as a big problem.

• Globalization has affected our culture badly. Indian culture is losing its meaning in the race of modernism. Liquor, late nights and many other things have become a part of lifestyle.


• Indian culture is about sharing the values and showing unity in diversity that is still prevalent in India.

• The dress culture must have changed but that doesn’t means that sarees and other Indian dresses are forgotten. They are making an impact on the foreigner people.

• People from all over the world come to India to see the TajMahal, Ellora caves, taste the Indian food and many other activities.

• Culture is about openness to accept the other people and respect their culture. Indians are still best at it.

• Touching the feet of elders with humility and grace is still prevalent in the Indian society and is even followed by the affluent families.

• All the festivals in India are still celebrated with the same spirit and joy as it used to be in the past.


The life of Indian culture lies in its broad heartedness. It is about accepting and assimilating all the people from different religion whole-heartedly. And that is why India is known as a democratic, secular, socialist and sovereign country. There is a group who complain of the deterioration of culture but somewhere it is just a part of modernism. And some changes are bound to come with time that can neither be stopped nor challenged.
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  • RE: Indian culture - Is it a myth or reality? -Anubhav (07/05/17)
  • You want to follow the real Indian culture then respect -- Kamasutra too, as is equal to Vedas - sex was not a taboo but a process of creating a new life - it is holy and it has to be respected. It should be enjoyed and experimented with your partner and discussed openly. Sex education is a must for the kids - if we can potty train them then we cant talk about sex with them? That' sick!
    - respect Indian women's independence (Hothal - The Rajput warrior pricess, Rani Laxmi Bai, Vidyotma - the wife of the greatest poet of India 'Kalidas' who was more intelligent and independent and inspired him to write his creations) - Indian culture was built around women hood and now days they are raped, confined to the boundaries of home and arm twisted to get married at the early age and serve a man. They should chose how to live with no judgement
    - respect our elders and love of parents for their kids . Now days the kids only respect their elders for their property and the parents only love their kids if they take care of them. Where did the selfless love go?
    - the respect for our rivers - we are killing our rivers with all the crap we throw in them in the name of religion - including samagri and idols
    - the respect for our country - we have killed the essence of our country when we are open to the discussion of a Hindu Rastra - India was never a hindu rastra- even our religion is Sanatana Dharma (the global religion) which accepts everyone. It doesnt need to justify itself by proclaiming any other religion as wrong and as an aggressor. Fingers are pointed by the one who are insecure about themselves.
    We have forgotten the real ethos of our culture and have adopted the Victorian culture of covering everything up and subjugating our women. Even Shakuntala and Dushyant got married in 'Gandharv Vivah' with no purohit - so what would our culture police say about that? If they were born today and would have married like that - they would have been killed off and the King Bharat (on whose name our country itself assume it's own name) wouldnt have been born!
  • RE: Indian culture - Is it a myth or reality? -Deepa Kaushik (06/24/14)
  • Indian culture has a great respect and dignity worldwide. Any culture has its value till the time it retains its followers and preachers. Though the westernization has started playing up, Indians are still into a big percentage as culture followers.

    Incorporating few virtues of other culture does not mean that we are losing ours. As far as we are good at following our rituals, accommodating some other good values should be an appreciable thing. Anyhow, the negative aspects of any culture could be a matter to be condemned. We can visualize the changes of westernization in some of the big cities of India; still a big ratio of the India nationals love to follow our customs and traditions. Be it our language, or clothing, or respecting values, Indians are trying to screw up to accommodate our rich values along with matching the pace of the world.

    India is undergoing a stage of transition where we are trying to accommodate various values as a unique combination. With our permutations and combinations still on the testing phase, we are trying to leave back a few good values, like our joint family, and inducing new things like night out lifestyle, increasing social moves especially between the two genders etc. These have both positive and negative impacts on the society. Still, we have not reached at an irreversible stage of damage to call our culture a myth. Indian culture is definitely an undying reality, and will continue to shine with its charm.
  • RE: Indian culture - Is it a myth or reality? -gagan keshri (06/23/14)
  • according my point of view now-a-days Indian culture are so wrost because nobuddy not respect one to another and also parents this is too much bad respected parents nd another one that is a culture