Indian expenditure on defence is justified!

Indian expenditure on defence is justified!

Indian expenditure on defence is necessary. A country as large and diverse as the nation needs to have well established systems of defence and security in place to protect national interests. However, India also has record number of people living below poverty line and problems such as lack of education and infrastructure.

With such a massive need for growth and development, is expenditure on defence justified? Especially with no wars in the offing in the present future. But India’s contentious relations with Pakistan point to the crying need for a well organised and systematic defence system in place. Let us examine if money well spent is how one can define Indian defence expenditure.


1. India aspires for superpower status - This can only be attained if India has well established defence systems in place. India’s aspiration for the regional power status and key player in international affairs can only be achieved through rising military expenditure.

2. Rising regional tensions - In light of rising regional tensions, India needs to safeguard and protect its national interests. This is only possible through a healthy budget for defence expenditure.

3. Increasing number of mishaps - There are rising number of numerous arms of defence forces which provide information regarding the stock the nation currently has. But substandard equipment has led to mishaps and only healthy defence expenditure can undo the damage.

4. Terror threat - With increasing terror attacks such as those in Gurdaspur and Pathankot, increasing defence expenditure is fully justified.

5. Other countries are also advancing - Defence expenditure is an area where many other nations have advanced beyond a certain point. India needs to stay ahead in the game or risk losing supremacy in the defence sector.


1. India has many sectors such as education and healthcare - There are many sectors besides defence where expenditure is totally justified and indeed, a better way to safeguard national interests. Fields such as education, healthcare and science as well as technology have the capacity to revolutionise the growth of the country and protect national interests. Moreover, quality of life for the citizen will be enhanced if less is spent on defence and more on social welfare sectors.

2. Socioeconomic conditions also contribute to peace and welfare - Rather than defence expenditure, spending on improving the socio-economic conditions is also a good way to counter armed conflict.

3. Stockpiling useless military equipment is futile - Stockpiling of military equipment is useless in the event of nearly peaceful conditions in India and its relations with most of the neighbours.


Defence expenditure is important to protect the national interests of the country. So is socioeconomic investment such as poverty alleviation programmes. India has pressing problems such as lack of education, sanitation and infrastructure. This is why defence expenditure should be balanced with spending of money in other sectors for progressive advancement of the nation. At the same time, defence expenditure is necessary for protection of regional and national interests. Defence arms, ammunitions and forces act as a strong and powerful deterrent against future terror attacks and armed conflict both within and outside the nation. Therefore, some amount of money needs to be sanctioned and allocated for expenditure in the defence sector.

Also, India lacks upgraded defence equipment. Many of the Indian naval ships and submarines follow the old model of construction and technology. They are of no use to a progressive country. Further, defence is a sector on which there is considerable expenditure across nations. Many other countries are advancing in the field of defence technologies and India has to keep up. Balanced expenditure on growth and defence will sustain India and ensure its continued growth and advancement.
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  • RE: Indian expenditure on defence is justified! -SOURISH ENDOW (01/22/16)
  • Defence Expenditure on India is fully justified cos huge..cos India need huge resources for highly equiped weapons...
    Other Countries also advancing den Why India should not ??If we compare India ' s weapon with USA UK .dn India power is vry less.
    with rise of increasing terror attck such as pathankot,26/11 ,etc .Increasing defence expenditure is fully justified..
    and its obious that Major portion of FDI should b allocated for Defence Sector cos defence is d main part of our Country which protects d natinoal interest