Integra aptitude placement paper

Integra aptitude placement paper

Q1. Fan is related to wings. In the same way, wheel is related to:

A. Round
B. Cars
C. Spoke
D. Moves

Q2. Which of the following pairs have the exact same relation as the original pair?


A. Dirty:filthy
B. Disorderly:unfaithful
C. Raise:commensurate
D. Prmoted:excellence

Q3. Which of the following is the appropriate alterntive?

Melt: liquid :freeze

A. Ice
B. Condense
C. Solid
D. Crystal

Q4. Which is the correct alternative?

Hand : wrist :: bangle

A. Neck:head:collar
B. Foot:ankle:anklet
C. Fot:socks:toes
D. Toe:foot:knee

Q5. There are 7 available tennis players of which 4 are to be selected for a ournament. Males are a,b,c and females are m,n,o,p. The players are all of equal ability and there have to be 2 males in the team. For a team of four, the condition is that for except the following combination each should be able to play with each other.

C should not play with M
C should not play with P
A should not play with O

Which of this is false?

A. B and P cannot be selected together
B. C and o cannot be selected together
C. C and N cannot be selected together

Q6. There are five farmers who have apple trees in an orchard numbering 7,9,11,13,14 respectively. In each of their orchards, every tree has the same number of apples. Also if the third farmer gave one apple to first and fifth farmer gave three apples each to second and fourth, all will have same number of apples. What was the yield per tree of third and fourth farmer?

Q7. In a language used in peripheral parts of Africa,

Moolokarn=blue sky
wilkospadi=bicycle race
moolowilko=blue bicycle

Which word could mean racecar?

A. Wilkozwet
B. Spadiwilko
C. Moolobreil
D. Spadivolo

Q8. What is the cost price of a commodity if the selling price of rs 34.80 yields a 2% loss?

A. Rs 26.10
B. Rs 43
C. Rs 43.20
D. Rs 46.40

Q9. In order to make a profit of 5% at what price should a mango seller sell his mangoes if at rs 9 per kg he incurs 20% loss?

A. Rs 11.81
B. Rs 12
C. Rs 12.25
D. Rs 12.31

Q10. There is a bench on which A,B,C,D and E are sitting. A is next to B, C is next to D. In the arrangement, E is not next to D and is on the left most corner of the bench. C is sitting second from right. A is on right of B and E. Between whom is A sitting?


Q11. There are 8 houses in a line. Condition is that in each house there is only one boy.

Jay is not the neighbour of Sahil.
Hari is just next to left of Lakshay.
there is at least one to the left of Lakshay.
Pankaj lives in one of the two houses in the middle.
Mahesh lives in between Pankaj and Lakshay.

At least one lives to the right of Ramesh and Hari is not between Tarun and Lakshay, then what is correct?

A. Ramesh is not at left end
B. Ramesh is not between Sahil and Tarun
C. Tarun is between Pankaj and Jay.
D. There are three houses to left of Pankaj.

Q12. There is a straight road at which two cars are 150km apart. First car runs for 25km, takes a right and then runs for another 15km. It then turns left and then runs for 25km and then takes the direction to reach the main road. The other car has run only 35 km in mean time due to some breakdown. What is the final distance between the two cars in km?

A. 65
B. 75
C. 80
D. 85

Q13. For the march past of independence day, the arrangement is as follows:

Q is to left of R but right to P. Q is standing right to N and left to P. S is right to R and left to T. Who is in the middle?

A. P
B. Q
C. R
D. O
E. C

Q14. In a ‘phrase’, which of the following it found?

A. Nomenclature
B. Manifestation
C. Pictorial effect
D. Glossary

Q15. Starting from a restaurant R, Sahil walked 20m towards south. He took a left and walked 30 metres. He turned left and walked 20m. Then again he turned left and walked 40m to reach another restaurant Q. How far is Q from R and in which direction?

A. 20m west
B. 10m east
C. 10m north
D. None

Q16. Which of the following is different from rest?

A. curd
B. butter
C. cheese
D. oil
E. ghee

Q17. Seats in a college for MBBS, Engineering and Architecture are in a ratio of 5:7:8. The seats are increased by 40%,50%,75% respectively the next year. What is the new ratio between the seats?

A. 2:3:4
B. 6:7:8
C. 6:8:9
D. None

Q18. Which of the following best indicates a relation between a bus, train and traveller.

Q19. Which best depicts relation between mothers, engineers and women?

Q20. Which best depicts the relation between factory, product and machinery.

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