Integra Placement Papers - Aptitude and reasoning questions

Integra Placement Papers - Aptitude and reasoning questions from previous years

Q1. Draw a venn diagram which relates rhombus, quadrilateral and a polygon.

Q2. There is a group of 5 persons-a,b,c,d,e.

One of them is a doctor, one is an advocate, one a businessman, one a shopkeeper and the last a professor. Three of them- a, c and the professor are more fond of cricket than football, while b and the businessman like football better. The shopkeeper, b and a are friends and two of these like football over cricket. Doctor and e play cricket while the advocate and his brother C, both play the same game. Answer the ques that follow:
Who is the advocate

Q3. Who is the shopkeeper.

Q4. Which group includes all those who prefer cricket over football but does not include the professor?

a) Ab
b) Bc
c) Cd

Q5. Which one is the doctor?

Q6. Draw a venn diagram for white, flower, cloth.

Q7. What do you understand by the statement- all men are vertebrate, some mammals are men.

Q8. 7. 3+5-2 =4
Which of the two numbers should be interchanged to get the result of 4 ?

Q9. What is the total number of squares on 1/4th of a chess board?

Q10. Six faces of a given cube are painted such that in no possible manner do adjacent sides have the same colour using only three colours- red blue and green. then the cube is cut into
36 smaller cubes such that 32 of them are of one size and remaining 4 are bigger with no red side. Out of these how many have at least one side blue?

Q11. A man sold two articles at rs 80 such that he incurred a loss of 20% on one a gain of the same on another. What is his total loss/gain?

Q12. Give one word for the following sentence

One which cannot be corrected

a) Incorrigible
b) Unintelligle
c) Inedible
d) Illegible

Q13. Give antonym for SPARTAN

a) Decadent
b) Teutonic
c) Slavish
d) Autonomous

Q14. Give synonym for RECKLESS
a) Courageous
b) Rash
c) Bold
d) Daring

Q15. Feb 14 was a Thursday in 2013. When will the valentines day fall in the next leap year?

Q16. Arrange the following words in a meaningful sequence.


Q17. How many non leap years are from 1801 to 190

a) 74
b) 64
c) 76
d) 77

Q18. Two people have a 20 year age difference. If 5 years ago, the older one was 5 times the age of the younger one, what are their ages?

a) 25,5
b) 30,10
c) 35,15
d) 50,30

Q19. A light flashes every 6 seconds. How many times will it flash in 3/4th of an hour?

a) 450
b) 350
c) 451
d) 425

Q20. Embroider: cloth, chase: ____

a) Glass
b) Knife
c) Metal

Q21. Ruling party will have to put its own house __ order

a) In
b) On
c) Into
d) Under

Q22. P $ Q implies P is brother of Q

P # Q implies P is mother of Q
P * Q is P is daughter of Q
A # B $ C * D

Who is the father?

a) D
b) B
c) C
d) Data incomplete

Q23. What does the idiom ‘to make clean breast of’ mean

a) To gain prominence
b) To praise oneself
c) To confess without of reserve
d) To destroy before it blooms

Q24. Dionot means oak tree
blyonot means oak leaf
blycrin means maple leaf

How can we write maple syrup?

a) Blymuth
b) Hupponot
c) Patricrin
d) Crinweel

Q25. 1,1,2,6,24

a) 96
b) 48
c) 72
d) 120

Q26. His recent investments in the share of this company are only gamble.

1.he may incur loss on his investment.
2. He may gain from his investment

a) Only 1 is implicit
b) Only 2 is implicit
c) Either 1 or 2 is implicit
d) Neither 1 nor 2 are implicit
e) Only one of the two are implicit

Q27. Read the following and make a conclusion

Reema is taller than seema but shorter than meena.
Priya is shorter than seema
Jaya is taller than priya
Meena is taller than jaya

Who is the tallest?

a) Reema
b) Seema
c) Meena
d) Priya
e) Jaya

Q28. How many steps will be needed to get the input from the following


a) 3
b) 4
c) 6
d) None of these

Q29. Choose correct answer if


then 20@21=?

a) 1825
b) 1691
c) 1386
d) 2025


No man is a donkey
Rahul is a man.


1. Rahul is not a donkey.
2. All men are not Rahul.

a) 1 is correct
b) 2 is correct
c) Either 1 or 2 is correct
d) Neither 1 nor 2 is correct
e) Both 1 and 2 are correct

Q31. How many times in a ay are the hands of the clock in straight line but opposite direction?

a) 20
b) 22
c) 24
d) 48

Q32. Is 1.5x=0.04y
(y-x)/(y+x) =?

a) 730/77
b) 73/77
c) 7.3/77
d) None

Q33. Which city of India is known as the queen of the Arabian sea?

a) Hyderabad
b) Kochi
c) Thiruvananthpuram
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