Integra Placement Papers - Technical questions from previous years

Integra Placement Papers - Technical questions from previous years

Q1. True or false.

Maximum number of nodes in a binary tree of a height of 3 is 20

Q2. 10,20,30,40,50,60

Give the order of these number when arranges in

1. A queue
2. A stack

Q3. Debugging helps in finding_____

Q4. void main(){
int &a;
/* some other stuff here */
Where is the error?

Q5. Optimise the following 4 questions for time.

int i;
if i=0 then i:=1;
if i=1 then i:=0;

Q6. int i;
if i=0 then i:=1;
if i=1 then i:=0;
(given that i can take only two values (1,0))

Q7. int i;
if i=0 then i:=1;
else if i=1 then i:=0;
(given that i can take only two values (1,0))

Q8. int m,j,i,n;
for i:=1 to n do

Q9. Expand the following short froms


Q10. On using LRU page replacement algorithm, how many pages sequences of faults will occur for the following sequence


Q11. What is the maximum memory available fpr a user program if-

CPU has 20 address lines
MMU doesn’t use two of them
OS occupies 20k
no virtual memory is supported.

Q11. For a given binary tree which has n nodes, how many nodes have both a parent and child?

Q12. One of the following can have a zero value. Choose.

1. Swap space
2. Physical memory
3. Virtual memory
4. none

Q13. Multitasking has to have
1. Process pre-emption
2. Paging
3. Virtual memory
4. None

Q14. f(x,y,z)
y := y+1;
z := z+x;
int a,b;
a := 2
b := 2;
print a;

What is the value of the program for three differne tclass in main- call by value, call by name and call by reference?

Q15. True / false
Page size should be the power of 2.
Q16. int i=0;
int j=0;

if(i = 0)
if(j<= 25)
goto loop

How many times is the loop entered?

Q17. Page faults are handled by which of the following

a) OS
b) MMU
c) Hardware logic

Q18. An algorithm cannot be written down for which one

a) To find out 1026th prime number
b) To write program for NP complete program
c) To write a program to generate random numbers

Q19. Real time system require which essential component?

a) Pre emption
b) Virtual memory
c) Paging

Q20. Choose A,B,C or D depending on when the errors are detected.

A if no error is detected
B if semantic and syntactic checking
C if during Code genration & Symbol allocation
D run time

a) Array overbound
b) Undeclared identifier
c) stack underflow
d) Accessing an illegal memory location

Q21. Data records is a collection of

a) Fields
b) Files
c) Bits
d) None

Q22. For sending mails on internet, which protocol is used?

a) http
b) www
c) smpt
d) ftp

Q23. Micro processor 8086 is a ___ bit processor

a) 16
b) 32
c) 12
d) 18

Q24. Which is the odd one out

a) Tcp
b) rlogin
c) ftp
d) telnet
e) tftp

Q25. What is the use of semaphore?


1. Write a program to sort given 100 numbers on the bases of a multiple of 3 or not?
2. Write a program to count the number of lines in an input and then sort lines having more than 72 characters per line.
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