IPL - uniting the players of different nations or nurturing grudges between players of one team?

IPL - uniting the players of different nations or nurturing grudges between players of one team?

A recent incident in IPL 2015 witnessed something which raised the above question in my mind and it was a scuffle between Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard during the match between RCB versus MUM. Both the players belong to same nation's team. Such bizarre incident may lessen the feeling of oneness between the players when they return to play in their respective national teams. So does IPL format reflect ‘unity in diversity’ in true sense?

Uniting the players of different nations

• It is a format to encourage Indian players learn and play under the guidance of international superstars and make the best use of vast experience, knowledge and skill sets on and off the field

• It also gives clear message to the vast audience about unity in diversity. The best example is advertisement featuring Dhoni where he responds in South Indian accent. It was a creative concept depicting the inventive cricket and it is only the real spirit of the game.

• IPL clearly mentions that it doesn’t matters from where the players come from. The players are in no way restricted by borders. It stands absolutely true as problem is not in the game but in the minds of people.

• IPL is about unity in diversity as it provides a platform to players from different teams to come together and solve their personal conflict.

• The conflict between Gayle and Pollard can also be a mere scripted stuff to attract the attention of the audience. Even if it was true such sort of incidences are common in a game.

Nurturing Grudges

• Some incidents recorded were not in interest of the nation. In 2008 IPL, the two Indian players Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth got involved in a fight eventually former slapping the other.

• The personal grudges between the players come in open when they play against each other in IPL.

• The players have a mindset to show their skills as well as superiority over one another and this feeling kills the spirit of a team.

• Now in 2015, same sort of conflict is seen as it was recorded in 2008, and this time it was between Caribbean duo’s. The fight between Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard challenged the IPL format once again forcing the cricket board to think about sending their players to IPL.

• IPL is not about unity in diversity but it is just about earning money and fame in a short period of time.


No matter what the format of the game is players should not enter into such kind of incidences. They are role model of many people and such kind of behaviour spreads negative message among the youngsters. IPL is about bringing players from different nations play together on same platform and it is the responsibility of the players to maintain the dignity of it.
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  • RE: IPL - uniting the players of different nations or nurturing grudges between players of one team? -Deepa Kaushik (04/27/15)
  • IPL is a different platform for the players to play with each other as a team. This is the kind of event which has its own pros and cons. If the unity between the players in order to express the team spirit lays at one side; knowing the team strategies and individual playing tendencies becomes the other end.

    We cannot call a game or sport to initiate the grudges between the players of one team. Again, this discussion is not only for the Indian players, but to all the participating players. Players should have the sportsmen spirit while playing the game. Nurturing grudges between the players of a team means that the players are not fit enough to be chosen to play a sport at the International level platform.

    IPL is a different layout for the game of cricket which makes the players to get in touch with other players from different countries. It makes them know and understand their co-players from other countries, rather than considering them just as rivals. It could also be a major step towards understanding new game strategies for all the players from each other.

    IPL should be taken on the positive attitude by the players and they should ideally try to bridge on the gap between the co-players from other countries rather than nurturing grudges with the players from their own country and team.