Is AirAsia responsible for its own loss?

Is AirAsia responsible for its own loss?


AirAsia is a low cost Malaysian airline. The headquarters of AirAsia are at Kuala Lampur, the capital. 2014 was an unpleasant year for the Malaysian aviation industry as they faced quite a few major flight mishaps. One Malaysian flight went missing early this March and another was shot down in Ukraine in July. Now, a third incident is added to the count.

Flight QZ8501, an AirAsia Indonesia aircraft, lost its contact with the base and went missing with around 162 people on board. A long investigation followed the missing of the plane. On the third day officials confirmed that the missing flight has crashed into the sea as they recovered 40 bodies and some debris of the aircraft.

The AirAsia Indonesia plane started flying in 2008. It had flown 13600 times and had completed 23000 hours. It had undergone its last maintenance work in November, 2014.

Now, let us take a look on whether AirAsia should be held responsible for the missing flight.

Yes – AirAsia should be held responsible.

1. Safety – The plane had undergone its last maintenance work in November i.e. just last month. But AirAsia should have checked the flight once more before permitting it to take off.

2. Poor communication – Due to the poor communication system the pilots could not reach the authorities at the base in case of the emergency.

3. New Path– The pilots wanted to change their path but their request was rejected due to the air traffic. AirAsia could have contacted the air traffic control and should have granted the permission to change the path.

4. Prevented the takeoff – Due to the bad weather, many flights were canceled. AirAsia also could have canceled Flight QZ8501.

5. Inadequate training – Being a low cost airline, AirAsia might have been taking people who are not very skilled in operating a plane.

No – AirAsia should not be held responsible.

1. Bad weather – The aircraft went missing due to the bad weather and not because of the irresponsibility of AirAsia.

2. Air traffic –The pilots wanted to increase the altitude of the flight. But the authorities rejected the request due to the air traffic. This was a good decision on the part of AirAsia as they were trying to prevent any clash of routes.

3. Reputation – AirAsia has always maintained a good reputation and people have always had a good opinion about AirAsia. This is one of the cheapest flights. The missing of Flight QZ8501, is the first such incident in the history of AirAsia.

4. Signal – The missing flight did not give any signal of emergency. Hence, even the AirAsia authorities were unaware of the upcoming tragedy.

5. Quick response - AirAsia responded quickly to the queries of the relatives and did not delay in attending to them. It shows that they do fulfill their responsibility towards the passengers.


The search for the missing plane is still on. According to the people in Indonesia, AirAsia was a good plane with cheap rates and it gave employment opportunities to many. The actual reason for the crashing of the plane can be known only when the investigation is over. Countries like the US, France and Australia are offering their full support and help to track down the missing flight.
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  • RE: Is AirAsia responsible for its own loss? -rizvan (01/19/15)
  • no- there is no reason to claim that air is responsible for its own loss as we know the plane missing from march 2014 was shot down in ukraine , so this was not air asia fault and flight which went missing recently can be a story opener for air asia.. air asia shoulf find out the reason that why it is targetted every time
  • RE: Is AirAsia responsible for its own loss? -Saurabh Saini (01/19/15)
  • No I don't think that Air Asia is responsible for the incident . From history it has been found that there was no major accident for Air Asia and if the prices offered by them were best . Air Asia was never in controversies about its safety issues or any other issues similar to safety and maintenance. Lets wait for the investigation to be over then only every thing will be clear.
  • RE: Is AirAsia responsible for its own loss? -rahul (01/07/15)
  • we all know Indonesian AirAsia flight 8501 met with a tragic mishap as it was traversing from indonesia to singapore on 28th december.i think that air asia is solely responsible for its
    <1> they didn't cancel it even it was a bad weather
    <2>yes the pilot was granted permission to deviate left when asked but i believe he should not had been disallowed to travel to high altitude even there were some traffic problems.the airtraffic controllers should have sought some way to go with the pilot afterall the pilot was not asking this for having some fun..he felt a problem.
    we should not say that the pilot was not efficient as he was an ex indonesia air force there is no doubt in his abilities and had a total of 23000 hrs approx flying hrs.
    <3> we had seen 2 more airasia mishaps in 2014..this can't be co-incidence.we must look seriously into it.
    and i believe we can't change never blame completely on it for such accidents and in future avoid mishaps like this from occuring by taking precautions!
  • RE: Is AirAsia responsible for its own loss? -Pramod Pathak (01/05/15)
  • According to me air asia is not responsible for its loss bcz they r doing work in favour of every people so that they can travel easily
  • RE: Is AirAsia responsible for its own loss? -deepender singh mayo (01/05/15)
  • air asia is one of the cheapest flight which is providing a good support to the customers as well as employment to many others. ATC rejected the piolet request to increase the altitude bcz there are certain flights at the same alltitude and fog is also one of the major reason,and after the incident air asia responded very quickly. so i diont think that airasia is responsible for its own loss.
  • RE: Is AirAsia responsible for its own loss? -aniket Padmawar (01/04/15)
  • yes Air assia is responsible for loos beoz pilot had asked to increase the altitude but they dont permit the pilot.....
  • RE: Is AirAsia responsible for its own loss? -Jaya Priyadarshini (01/03/15)
  • Nature is also responsible for the loss. But the company should take maximum precaution also.
  • RE: Is AirAsia responsible for its own loss? -Deepa Kaushik (12/31/14)
  • The Air Asia loss is really a huge one. No loss can be encountered only by fate or environmental and circumstantial probabilities. The loss also includes the responsibility of the organization. By saying that the Air Asia is responsible doesn’t imply only the pilots but the airline organization as a whole.

    The Airline should have had the maintenance as a part of their routine procedure. And there needs to be some precautions and final check before setting off the flight. These preliminary requirements should have been aptly fulfilled. Lost cost airline does not mean that the fault necessarily lies with the organization. Even low cost airline could have efficient employees to keep up the pace of the airline in the industry.

    Air Asia has done very well so far. It is not their first instance of flight to call them a new launcher or fresher to the aviation set-up. The employees are well aware of the process requirements. There is definitely environmental insufficiencies which made the communication difficult for the pilot as well. Thus, it would be unfair to hold Air Asia alone to be responsible for these loss.