Is Celebrities Public Display Of Affection A Bad Thing?

Is Celebrities Public Display Of Affection A Bad Thing?

When love seems to get better of people, they don’t shy away from public display of affection. Even celebrities are no exception. They keep their loving hearts on their sleeves and show their affection, capturing attention from one-and-all. These love-struck celebrities often become a victim of criticism. The problem is not restricted to celebrities but also spreads to common people. So, let us enter into a private display of our opinions on topic, “Is Celebrities Private Display of Affection a Bad Thing?”


- It is not acceptable to India society, especially to some sensitive groups who can go to any limit to stop such incidences.

- Everyone knows that celebrities are role model of many people. It is applicable to youngsters as well as children. These groups cannot understand the boundaries of public display of affection. Children can consider it as normal and can imitate it.

- Incidences of moral policing by police, local media and people have been rising in many states including Kerala. The message comes from celebrities and results sufferings for local people.

- There are many celebrities who want to get attention of media and public by involving into public display of affection.

- At Lakme Fashion Week in 2002, Akshay Kumar got his jeans button undone by Twinkle Khanna as he walked the ramp. It might be a simple public display of affection for Twinkle and his husband Akshay but was considered as a cheap display of public affection. Even a social worker filed a case against the celebrity couple.

- It is important for celebs to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner, as they are closely watched every moment every day.


- Public display of affection by celebs gives a positive message to society that the couple cherishes each other company and proud of being in a relation.

- Often fans of celebrities’ complaint that celebs keep their life secret and don’t let them know about their love life. And, when they do, they are criticized.

- Public display of affection is a simple gesture of love that allows couple to express their feelings for each other. It is pure and should not be confused with cheap vulgar acts. If a celebrity or even a common man is in love, why he should stop from kissing or hugging partner in open.

- If couples can fight and bring their personal matters into the public, why can’t they display their love?

- Public display of love is showing love in a defined borderline that in any case should not attract criticism. The wife of cricketers coming in stadium to watch their husbands play is also a harmless act of public display of affection.


All couples including celebs love to indulge in public display of affection. There is no problem if celebs express their love publicly. However, it is important for them to respect the rights of the public and give due importance to the existing laws on public decency. They are role models and should try to give best possible message to their fans.
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  • RE: Is Celebrities Public Display Of Affection A Bad Thing? -Deepa Kaushik (02/20/15)
  • Correctly concluded, the term ‘Decency’ carries a very heavy weightage in this discussion. There is no doubt or dilemma that celebrities are also fellow human beings who have the same emotions as any other common man. but what provides them the image and fame of being a public figure, also claims to have the responsibility of a sensible citizen who becomes a role model and ideal of many.

    Public display of affection is not bad, as far as it is enclosed within the blanket of decency and morality. A hug or kiss in public can impart different meanings and give vivid perceptions, which often gets differentiated by the body language of the persons involved in the act. Again, the decency in the body language is very much necessary when it comes to the public place.

    Celebrities are very much like any other common man, and so the laws and regulations of the society and the cultural boundaries and also same to these celebrities. If moral policing is applicable to common man, so should be to these celebrities as well. The indecent proposal of love in public not only affects the culture, but also contaminates the young brains. Also the sensual display of affection could lead to immoral conducts in the society, as the polluted brains tend to capture such negative message and victimise the poor girls. This should not become a reason for increasing number of female assaults in the society.

    Thus, the celebrities should understand their responsibility and stay within their decency limit while expressing their affection in the public places.