Is Censorship Of Art Necessary?

Is Censorship Of Art Necessary?

The limit to which a society should place restrictions on artist’s ability to express often results in a debate. The restrictions polarize opinion. The recent controversy of cuss words and AIB Knockout in India or decision of UK universities to pose ban on pop song Blurred lines has brought the matter into focus. All these decisions points out the disadvantages of open expression. So, let us have a debate to date on the subject of censorship of art. Is Censorship of art necessary?


-Censorship has always remained an integral part of artistic world. Whether in modern U.S. or in ancient Rome, it has existed in every society and in every period.
-If art challenges the strong beliefs of any society, whether its religious, political or ideological, results in offense, and therefore censorship becomes necessary.
-There is a difference between offensiveness and artistic merit. Whenever, artistic merit turns into offensiveness censorship is required.
-The censorship of art is must to stop unrest and violence linked to religious and political concerns from spreading in a country.
-Free expression that is objectionable and appals shocks or disgusts cannot be approved. There is difference between revolutionary art and abhorrent art. Revolutionary form of art brings constructive changes, however offensiveness always humiliate a section of society.


-Offensiveness and artistic merit are nebulous terms that lack objectivity. The tastes and acceptable norms in a society keep changing and with it the two terms get their meaning.
-There is no need to find moral guidance in entertainment shows, songs or books. It is meant for just pleasure.
-There is no such thing as an ‘immoral book’ or ‘moral book’. A book is either badly written or well written. It is the same concept with all forms of art.
-Original form of art can never be created on the safe middle ground. It will always be at the edge, as originality challenges and questions orthodox moral codes and concepts.
-Art is the mirror image of the culture, the period in which it is produced. It reflects all the positive aspects as well the uncomfortable, dark stuff prevailing in society.


Given the changing, unpredictable and divergent tastes of society, censorship of an art can permanently eliminate it from picture. However, analyzing the impact free artistic expression can have, the decision to censor an art work has to be made. An artistic expression need to be censored, for art had and can cause offense. Striking the balance is best way to achieve acceptable judgment.
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  • RE: Is Censorship Of Art Necessary? -Jay (01/19/21)
  • Don't be idiotic. There is never an excuse for censorship of art. Don't be childish. Grow up.
  • RE: Is Censorship Of Art Necessary? -Deepa Kaushik (03/06/15)
  • Art is good, but the art should remain within the artistic limit to have its true essence and value. every flow in the Universe has some boundaries and limitations to restrict it at some point. The flow without restrictions would just lead to widespread destruction and mass devastation. When the same comes to art, the presentation need to be supervised in order to maintain harmony in the society.

    After all, we humans expect a peaceful and harmonious surrounding to breathe in. Be that be US or UK or Russia or India or any other country, everyone expects a peaceful living. When we say freedom of expression, we should always remember that the expression should be in a way that does not obstruct the freedom of the other. The freedom of art, speech and expression needs supervision and control in the form of censorship to have a streamlined flow and avoid undue turbulence amongst the masses.

    The censorship of the art helps in refining the contents before its broadcast. It assures the genuinity of the content. Also the censored art assures the parents regarding the contents to be visualised by their children. The censorship is of utmost importance when it comes to avoiding the communal issues, the regional and religional disputes or hurting the privacy of any individual or group of people.
  • RE: Is Censorship Of Art Necessary? -Mashin Ali Ahmed (03/04/15)
  • By censoring it, we are restricting the flow of thought that was supposed to be presented, rather when censored, we are seeing the streamlined version of art.