Is economic status a reasonable criterion for reservations?

Is economic status a reasonable criterion for reservations?

Recently senior congress party leader sparked a debate when he said that reservation should be provided on the basis of income level rather than on the basis of caste.

This view might have created a ruckus in the political circle but it certainly has stirred a new debate on the criterion to give reservations. But should reservation be given on the basis of economic status, let’s find out:-

For the argument

1. Reservation is provided to uplift the weaker section and anyone who is economically backward forms part of the weaker section.

2. People who are economically backward definitely need benefits like fee exemption and scholarships, which is currently given on casteist basis.

3. Reservation on economical grounds will help in removing the disparities among various castes and creeds.

4. If reservation will be given on the basis of income levels, then the benefit would arrive at the place of the neediest citizens.

5. This process can help in bringing down the poverty level of the citizens of India.

6. Many people of backward castes already belong to the creamy layer of the society. Giving the advantage of reservation to their children would be an injustice to the ones who are poor and really need the help but are not able to get it owing their upper caste.

Against the argument

1. Reservation should be given on the basis of caste as people from specific castes are the most backward people of the nation.

2. In ancient times, people of backward communities were badly exploited b y people of upper caste. So, they need reservation to recoup from the traumas of their past.

3. Reservation’s real purpose is not to eradicate poverty but to ensure the participation of backward classes in decision making.

4. Constitution has never advocated reservation on the basis of income level.

5. The whole reservation policy was focused on the upliftment of backward sections of the society and not poverty eradication; for a lot of govt. schemes have been launched.


Reservation on the basis of backwardness of a particular section is the correct method but one needs to re-examine the grounds of backwardness. Economical crisis is certainly one of the grounds of being backward.

The system of reservation should be such that it benefits only the people who are the neediest and not to those who are already in a comfort zone.
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  • RE: Is economic status a reasonable criterion for reservations? -JC JOSHI (10/06/23)
  • In our democracy the place of birth is considered as a yard stick for upward mobility. It will be seen from the political leaders and leaders from humble background have now amassed wealth disproportionate to their known source of income and rise of their family in political spectrum. Therefore, the wealth has been amassed through the caste tag. It is an unfair distribution of wealth not based on merit. To overcome this pitfall, we must decide an economic formula where poor irrespective of place of birth is taken care.
  • RE: Is economic status a reasonable criterion for reservations? -deepti Singh (05/02/16)
  • No if there is reservation it can't be based on economic ground, as it will be most difficult to judge out the really economically backward but there are scholarships and prizes for the BPLs eg. The salary slip of father etc.for generally every one and deserved ones. Hardworking is essential for every class and caste when there is reservation in temples for only pandits why not for S
    C. in other zones. Instead of reservations, backward are still backward, nobody is ready to support them from other castes, important is to eradicate caste system not caste reservation after the former the latter will dimnish by itself. Make a law for removing surnames and see the difference. Thank you
  • RE: Is economic status a reasonable criterion for reservations? -Yash Shrivas (12/16/15)
  • My opinion is that reservations should not be based on caste but it should also not be based on economic condition of a person because rich people can also make the income certificate of bpl and get the benefit.
  • RE: Is economic status a reasonable criterion for reservations? -Ravi bhushan (06/23/14)
  • In my opinion reservation should be given on economic many general having less income cant get a better education and as a result they are lacking in many competitive govt should re-examine on this issue..economically backward generals should also get scholarships
  • RE: Is economic status a reasonable criterion for reservations? -Deepa Kaushik (04/19/14)
  • Reservations are not a solution to uplift any economy. Still if we talk of the reservations that we have in our country today, the reservation with respect to a person’s financial status is far more better than that on the basis of caste.

    If a country seriously aims to uplift the economy, they should look forward to pass certain bills that could distribute the wealth from the richer portions, among the weaker ones, to stabilize the lifestyle of the average citizen of the country.
    Creating more employment opportunities could be another aspect to help improve the economy. Reservation can be a guide to improve a economy to certain extent for a certain period of time only. This will get exhausted very soon to satisfy the economic development of the country, and very soon the situation will become stagnant without any improvement.
  • RE: Is economic status a reasonable criterion for reservations? -PRITI SINGH (03/08/14)
  • In my view, once any individual has availed reservation benefit during his/her student life,again this benefit should not be provided to him/her in jobs and also to their children.
    Otherwise these people will never work hard . Also in medical field any kind of reservation to any person should be denied since all other subject provide jobs of team work but medical student need to their job with great care as they deal with life. Basically weaker section of backward class should be provided with reservation facility.
  • RE: Is economic status a reasonable criterion for reservations? -shubhamsinghania (03/07/14)
  • hello frnds

    in my opinion there should be no reservation at all bcos theres no logic behind justifying something which is wrong and unethical.

    reservation based on caste when once advocated had already failed on its very objective of upliftment of society on socialist lines.
    on economic front much might have achieved but the prejudices are still prevalent in the minds as to their status and opportunities.
    moreover the non reserved categories also fill cheated and alieneated.
    in my view all people below poverty line should be expressly identified and funancial incentuves and schemes should be developed to held them to send their children to school so that their problems can be tackled on a wider front.