Is Facebook for the attention - seeking and lazy people?

Is Facebook for the attention – seeking and lazy people?


Once upon a time, there was only telephone - A telephone which had no camera and which was not portable. But, with time, technology has reached its heights of development.

Today, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc have grabbed the attention of people from various walks of life. Most of them, sincerely dedicate their precious hours into these social networking sites.

Amongst all the social networking sites, Facebook gained a lot of popularity. As of the first quarter of 2015, there are around 1.44 billion active FB users.

Involvement of so many users into one particular social networking site ( Facebook) gives birth to a question – Is Facebook for the attention – seeking or lazy people?

Let's take a look on whether FB is for lazy people or does it also attracts smart people?

Yes – Facebook is for the attention -seeking and lazy people.

1. Desperate people – Facebook has a lot of desperate people as its active users. Most of the people send friend requests or messages to others, whom they do not even know, just to reduce their boredom. They get themselves indulged into lot of such activities like sending messages to unknown people. This shows that it is highly used by people who have no work.

2. Low IQ level – Facebook shares its platform with people who also have a very poor IQ level. They do not have a basic understanding regarding any issue, but will be the first ones to post a comment. Sometimes, the comment may not be in respect to the issue addressed, or at times, it carries all the irrelevant facts and information. Such activities are done by people who do not know anything, but do it for grabbing the attention of others.

3. Posting small things – There are people who share the smallest of all things that happened in their day to day life on FB. For example, they click pictures of having food in a restaurant etc and post it on FB just to grab the attention of other lazy people.

4. No knowledge sharing – Attention - seeking and lazy people do not understand the value of such a public platform. There is another set of attention - seeking people on FB who visit any interesting place, but post only their pictures rather than the places. Selfies have become a great tool in seeking the attention of others.

5. Public airing of emotions – Some people would love to display their emotions on a public platform such as Facebook. Some attention grabbers or lazy people use FB as a forum to display the details regarding their break ups or current love affair. They fail to understand that some things are best said and expressed in person rather than scribbling them on a public platform.

No - You can expect to connect with some really good professionals & know different cultures

1. Promoting business – FB has billion of active users and thus, it is used for promoting any kind of business. With the help of Facebook ads, one can advertise his business on this platform. FB offers customizable ads placement service which is cost effective and very easy to use. One can improve the brand value of their business by being an active FB user.

2. Information sharing – Facebook is used by students, experts and smart people to learn about certain information and to pass it on to others. People update about the important happenings, news etc and thus, it contributes to the information gathered by others. It is a platform which is used by many for the purpose of information sharing.

3. Growth of relationships – Relationships can blossom on the platform of Facebook. For long distance couples, the communication through FB can keep their love alive. Sometimes, the site also helps the people to eventually tie the knot.

4. Traditions, culture – Facebook includes users from different parts of the world, belonging to different culture and traditions. Apart from sharing information, Facebook is also used by people to learn about various places, traditions and culture. They can communicate with people who belong to different religion or who possess a different set of traditional or cultural values.

5. Used for networking – Facebook is also used for the purpose of networking by many. It helps a person to find their old school or college friends and to maintain a healthy relationship. A healthy networking helps a person to maintain a strong and steady social life.


As Facebook has billion of active users, there are people who use it for certain interesting and useful purposes. But on the other hand, there are people who use FB just to seek attention and pass their time. They are tagged as “lazy people”.

Facebook is a boredom killer for most of the students as well as few of the elderly people. This boredom leads them to commit activities which creates a sort of irritation to others.

One should definitely make use of the advancements in the technological world but the use should be constructive - that's what is important!
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  • RE: Is Facebook for the attention – seeking and lazy people? -Barry Allen (07/11/15)
  • Is facebook for attention seeking and lazy people?

    Actually No, facebook is a great advancement. It connects people. It has its uses. But reality is it is used in the wrong way. it has purpose which most of the audience is aware of but do not comply.

    We can understand this by two words, "Confidence" and "Over Confidence", You know which one is better, same with facebook or "over facebook", Facebook is good for connecting with people in a limited way, but in reality people use it for their entertainment, to treat their boredom, like creating fake profiles, sending message to unknown people, Hence violating the true purpose. Attention seeking and lazy people do use it for that purpose largely, but it is also a very good marketing platform, customer care service and feedback platform, Moreover it connects long lost relations, but that purpose can be served by making a call or message directly. When a person makes a post It is available to all 100% connections, Attention seeking people do use it. This problem has a solution, that is "Making the right post available to the right people or group of people" After every post there can be an automatic option of with whom the user wants to share post, and what category does this post belongs to. Lazy person may not go for it, but Attention seeker will go for it. For him. to every person who sees the user's post, must have option that does he want to see such Categorised posts or not (actually this option is on fb, but not visible directly).

    Conclusion: Facebook is the right platform for the right purpose which is used as a platform for the wrong purpose.
  • RE: Is Facebook for the attention – seeking and lazy people? -ashutosh (07/02/15)
  • According to me Facebook is one the energetic and instant ,spontaneous reaction app which provide everyone an opportunity to excess it and use according to them.As for creating your profile and uploading profile photos require creativity to look good is not what everyone can attain so it is nothing about lazyness .As most of the campaign and project survey is done by this platform so it is helpful and also provide person an opportunity to show what he feel .
  • RE: Is Facebook for the attention – seeking and lazy people? -Sarfaraj Parbaj Ali (07/02/15)
  • I was one of many who started using Facebook, where all the fun was, however currently not using it, as I think it is correctly written in the article above that that it is for the desperate and loners who like posting each and every incident that occurs in their life, I would not like to go on that as it will be another fun topic when girls and boys would like to post their life, and I do not know may be I do not like Mark, from the movie "The Social Network" as proved to be a loner as well, who always likes to wear brown, and I think that is sad.
  • RE: Is Facebook for the attention – seeking and lazy people? -laeek ahmad (06/30/15)
  • it is helpful for enjoyment . . .we can get the ability to make friends on it .m0stly people in our society are very sico faCebo0k is a fun that can be able to destroy sico cAse
  • RE: Is Facebook for the attention – seeking and lazy people? -Raghavendra prasad (06/27/15)
  • Facebook is very full site because we can find our childhood friends who are not in touch. It is very useful when someone wants to advertise about his business. We can maintain relationship with ppeopl by using Facebook
  • RE: Is Facebook for the attention – seeking and lazy people? -Deepa Kaushik (06/22/15)

  • Facebook is a social networking site which can be used by anyone, not necessarily the lazy ones. But, the frequency of the visits to this social media can be possibleonly for those who do not have any potential work to carry on. The facebook is not to be blamed for the way it is used. It is the responsibility of the users to use this social platform judiciously.

    Facebook has become more of an addiction. And it is the lazyness of the people who fail toperform their duties and instead keep themselves invoplved in some wasteful comments and status updates. If the same media is used to just keep in touch with the social circle and the near and dear ones, then the traffic to this site would get reduced on its own. Instead people linger on this site to play games, keep updating their moods and feelings which is of no importance to the social circle.

    Facebook is a nice platform smartly used by the brilliant users like those who try to expand their business, the message that need to be circulated amongst the common man, etc. These people make good used of the networking platform. There are many people who rarely login to this site just tokeep updated regarding their near and dear ones. There are others who wish to visit daily ones just to keep themselves updated for the occurances in their social community.

    Carefully looking to the number of visitors and their personality in the social arena, we cannot say that Facebook is only for the lazy users. But definitely those are the lazy ones who spend maximum time on Facebook.
  • RE: Is Facebook for the attention – seeking and lazy people? -danish (06/22/15)
  • i am not agree with topic that fb is for lazy people ,as u know every thing in this world has its pros and cons so fb also ,it is a good platform for the people to communicate with other people belonging to diferent communities and country too, we can share our knowledge and tnheir culture too by merely sitting at home. Further fb can be used as a platfrom to initiate a good cause in the community & to create awareness about it & it can be used as a platform for a young enterpreneur to start their business by promoting their ideas and organisation.
    So, its individual choice how to use the technology as an asset or as a merely picture uploading and chatting house
  • RE: Is Facebook for the attention – seeking and lazy people? -shnaya (06/22/15)
  • fb is getting the attention by lazy people..according to me it's not it's a information sharing tool and the person who are very busy in their lives they are spending at least 15 minutes in a day to to update themselves with the social activities and whats going in our society and in world..and for the example we can see normally in our daily life the person who are preparing for any competitive exam they like the particular page like sbi po,ibps po,ssc gk spcl.. and any other pages they to get the information..i not denying with this fact also that fb is mostly used by the people who are not doing anything in their life..but it's individual choice what they want to according to me it's not only for lazy people..