Is global isolation a sufficient response to Pak’s Uri attack?

Is global isolation a sufficient response to Pak’s Uri attack?

Is global isolation a sufficient response to Pak’s Uri attack?

On 18th September, yet another bloodbath of mindless terrorism shocked, saddened and angered India. Four terrorists from across the border trespassed on our lands and became the reason for the death of 15 of our soldiers, injuring many more.

Our stance on terrorism has always been firm but our neighbor doesn’t seem to get the right ideas despite being globally condemned for being soft on terrorism. Time and again Pakistan has proved that its words of promises are nothing but sheer diplomacy and that they will continue to support and sponsor terrorism. An angered nation wants vengeance for their martyred soldiers and their wailing families. Should India respond with equal aggression or go for global isolation for Pakistan?


1. Shaming for the right reasons: Pakistan needs to be reminded and shamed for its soft stance on terrorism time and again. There have been enough evidences and documentations to prove the grounding of terror groups on their land. There are even evidences that suggest support of Pakistani government in supplying and keeping the terror groups well stocked. They have to be reminded that their mask of friendship is long destroyed.

2. Global condemning: When India presents its evidences against Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad’s strategies to cause havoc in India at all the international forums, they are more likely to shun the terror supporting nation with a global isolation, the much needed step to show Pakistan that the world is united to fight against terrorism and mindless killings.

3. The right pressure: Pakistan’s close proximity to China could be threatened if international isolation is initiated. It is more likely already being looked down upon by most of the nations that have time and again reminded Pakistan to tighten its reigns on terrorism breeding and brooding in their lands. Blocking trade and relations with Pakistan would further trouble Pakistan, hopefully enough to get the lesson.

4. United States: Earlier we saw that the United States blocked the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Pakistani army. Last month the $300 million of aid to Pakistan’s military school was also withdrawn on grounds that the money is being used to sponsor terrorism. It is clear that US no longer sees Pakistan as an ally and will be there to support India’s decision for global isolation of Pakistan.

5. Afghanistan: They might share borders but recently it has been clear on various grounds that Afghanistan’s proximity with India is growing. The Salma Dam venture and Ashraf Ghani’s recent visit to India to conclude bilateral defense agreement to assist Afghanistan’s fledgling air force are milestones of the growing friendship and support between the nations. They are more likely to support Indian in the global isolation of Pakistan.


1. An eye for an eye: They came, plundered and took lives and we relied on dialogues and peace offerings. We made pacts and ceasefires and they broke them. It is about time we answer them in the language they understand best – the language of destruction and weapons. Our missiles and long-range weapons could come into play and teach the leeches a lesson for a lifetime.

2. Enough of the softness: We have long been soft on taking revenge. They took it for our weakness. We need to show them that the lives of our soldiers mean so much more to us than they will ever understand with their cowardice strategies like suicide bombing. Our martyred brave hearts who sacrificed their lives to ensure our safety are to be revenged before any more precious life is lost.

3. Operation Parakram: We need to do what Atal Bihari Vajpayee government did in 2001. The eyeball-to-eyeball deployment of troops to borders, closing Indian skies to Pakistani flights and then calling for a global isolation could work. This time they have to see that we are bent on aggression too when we want to or are forced to and that is not going to go well with them.

4. China: China’s softness and relations with Pakistan is no news. Even when the powerful nations take a stand against terrorism and go for international isolation of the country, China will not agree to the terms. It will continue to support and stock Pakistan with whatever it needs to keep going. The duo is not likely to let global isolation be a success.

Global isolation is the soft and diplomatic way that India has long tried for and not succeeded because nations continued to carry out trade and commerce with the condemned nation. The time is different now. All the major nations and even the third world nations are growing tired and sick of terrorism. They are more likely to come to India’s support for internationally isolating the terror mothering nation.
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  • RE: Is global isolation a sufficient response to Pak’s Uri attack? -darkspace (09/23/16)
  • yes i think India should go ahead with global isolation of pak because military options on pak will bring heavy destruction on both sides of area,casualties will be on both side Pakistan is irritating India with proxy war because Pakistan is failed state and has very unstable economy and will not want India to become superpower so want a war with India which can cause huge impact on economy of India so media as a responsible and rising economic power should go for global isolation of pak in every international forum and India should also concentrate on his security lapses which occur during uri attack so further this type of terrorist attack can be prevented.
  • RE: Is global isolation a sufficient response to Pak’s Uri attack? -Vishal (09/21/16)
  • The tension has been inflated by Jihadi attact on army camp, thus killing 18 and injuring 28 along the line of control. India should pinned the attack on Lashkar-e-Tayiba, a wing of Pakistan Army. New Delhi should evaluate options to extract revenge for Uri. But Military action would need more careful consideration.
  • RE: Is global isolation a sufficient response to Pak’s Uri attack? -Manish (09/21/16)
  • Pakistan is testing India's patience by violating cease fire and infiltrating militants, thus creating unrest in Kashmir. Recent brutal act of killing 18 army men in Uri cowardly is forcing India to give befitting reply. Military action looks only solution to contain Pakistan from such act. But such action, unarguably will be fatal for us also. Sidelining Pakistan in the world forum is the best alternative in the current situation.